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In the following case scenarios, you apply what you ve learned about how to implement and apply CAS. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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Answer the following question. 1. What are the authentication requirements of the clients in this new design
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Creating New Business Contacts
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Outlook Web app is not available as a language pack. For example, if you install only the English and German language packs, and the English language pack is the default on the dial plan, a user with the French language configuration in Outlook Web app will hear English prompts.
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By using the mouse to drag an object s sizing handles or the object itself.
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Gives the button group a name that will appear in error messages. This option is dimmed unless the following check box is selected. Displays, if selected, an error if the visitor clicks Submit and no option buttons in the group are selected.
Moving a mailbox to a database that has a single copy is a straightforward operation. Things are slightly more complicated when you move a mailbox from a database that has multiple copies (in a DAG), because Exchange must ensure that it can recover from a failure that occurs on the primary (active) copy of the database during the move operation. To do this, MRS copies all of the content from the source mailbox to the new mailbox and then checks that at least one of the database copies is healthy (that the DataReplicationConstraint for the database is satisfied), meaning that there are less than 10 minutes of transaction log files to be replayed and that the queue copy is less than three. Exchange reports problems with target databases as errors in the event log where you ll see indications such as some database copies are behind, so it is relatively easy to check for these conditions. A healthy server that is participating properly in log replication will have no difficulty meeting these conditions, because it should be copying logs from active
It is difficult, if not impossible, to create a generic security configuration for application servers, because the requirements of the individual applications are usually unique. Windows Server 2003 includes some software that enables the computer to function as an application server, most notably Internet Information Services (IIS), which provides World Wide Web, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and other Internet server services, but in most cases, application servers run external software products, such as database or e-mail servers. To secure these applications, you must compare the security require ments of your network and your users with the security features provided by the appli cation itself.
Unless they can access the necessary credentials, external recipients won t be able to access protected content if a user forwards a protected message outside the organization. This is the biggest value of applying protection to messages because it stops users from being able to share confidential or other sensitive information either by accident (forwarding the wrong message or sending it to the wrong recipient) or deliberately. Information leakage is deemed by some companies to be a form of corporate sabotage and carries severe consequences for the responsible employee.
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