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isn t visible, click the Field List button on the toolbar (it s just to the left of the Help button).
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Choose this option if you access the remote Web server by means of a drive and path on your computer, or by means of Windows file sharing. This is also the correct option if you re preparing to transport a Web site by means of removable media, such as a ZIP drive or compact disc. You should avoid this option if the remote Web site is running the FrontPage Server Extensions or Windows SharePoint Services, even if you can access the server s file space directly. This is because a server-based Web (which you access by means of an HTTP URL) has more features than a disk-based Web (which you access though the Windows file system).
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Introduction to Windows PowerShell Scripting
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10 Creating Spiffy Graphics 11 Printing and Presenting 283 331
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Complete Deployment Communication and Training
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If your Web site has pages that attach Dynamic Web Templates, you ll find that FrontPage won t apply themes to those pages. This is because the Dynamic Web Template already con@ trols the appearance of such pages. In such cases, you should apply the theme to the Dynamic Web Template and then, when you save the template, let FrontPage update the attached pages. This will propagate the theme appearance to the attached pages.
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Building Hyperlinks
One of the first decisions that you need to make when it comes to distribution groups is deciding whether they will be static or dynamic distribution groups. Static groups are just that, static; you must manually remove or add members. Dynamic groups can be automatically maintained based on user attributes of Active Directory. Wherever possible, it s best practice to use dynamic distribution groups because of the reduced administrative
Making menu commands and dialog boxes more accessible Speeding up editing and formatting procedures, such as applying custom borders,
Move on Enter does not work in list objects.
Recording Outlook Items Manually
using Group policy settings to configure attachment behavior. The relevant Group policy settings are located in User Configuration\administrative Templates \Windows Components\attachment Manager.
Figure 11-13. information.
You can change the content of data labels to whatever you please. You can even link labels to worksheet cells so that the labels change as those cells change. This process is awkward, however, because you have to change each label individually. To change the content of a label, click it once, pause, and then click it again. The first click selects the entire series of labels; the second refines the selection to a particular label. After you have a particular label selected, begin typing. Excel replaces the current label with whatever you type.
open in Design view. As you drag over the open Web page, the insertion point shows where
Part 2: Building Worksheets
As Windows Vista did before it, Windows 7 supports the following types of incoming (serverside) network connections:
* # is equal to an integer between 0 and (the number of resources minus 1)
Edge rules agent
Lesson 1: Deploying Web Applications
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