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By design, a service layer is made of coarse-grained methods that map to UI functions. This is to say that from an action method you can easily find a matching method to call on the service layer. In this case, your action method clearly plays the role of the coordinator which is the most desirable option from a testing and maintenance perspective. If you implement the Repository pattern, or if you just expose the native persistence interface (for example, Entity Framework s ObjectContext object), you end up with an action method that plays the role of the controller. It incorporates all the logic necessary to perform the task. Here s a code snippet if you have direct access to the persistence layer:
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Troubleshooting The appearance of buttons and groups on the ribbon changes depending on the width of the program window. For information about changing the appearance of the ribbon to match our screen images, see Modifying the Display of the Ribbon at the beginning of this book.
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By default, the names of encrypted NTFS files and folders are displayed in green; the names of compressed files and folders appear in blue. If you like black better, clear the Show Encrypted Or Compressed NTFS Files In Color check box. (For information about using NTFS compression, see Implementing NTFS Compression, page 627.)
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appears in your version of the SharePoint Team Site home page.
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Configuring Windows Settings for Outlook
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Finding and Organizing Data. . . . 779
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4 To display data from any column as text, select the column name in the Data View
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Connecting Remote Users and Networks
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Use the Suspend parameter. Use the SuspendWhenReadyToComplete parameter.
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Tracking Changes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 774 Comparing and Merging Documents . . . 782 Working with Multiple
Web Server Programming Technologies
Note To use any album image as folder art, save it in the album folder with the file name Folder.jpg. If you downloaded any album art, it s saved as a hidden file with the same name; saving another file with the same name will replace the current file. At any level of the folder structure My Music, an artist folder, or an album folder Windows Explorer s Contents pane conveniently offers links to relevant tasks. You can play an entire folder (including all of the individual media items in its subfolders) by selecting the folder and clicking Play Selection. Or you can play all media items in My Music by selecting nothing there and clicking Play All. In either case, Windows Explorer passes the list of media items to Windows Media Player, which builds a temporary playlist for the occasion. If you click Shop For Music Online, Windows Explorer transports you to, where you can do what that link implies. And if you select a folder and click Copy To Audio CD, Windows Explorer passes the selection to Windows Media Player, which builds a playlist and prepares to burn a CD.
Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Second Edition Windows Media Player provides the following file copying options. As you can see, the amount of disk space consumed by the tracks on an average CD increases as you increase the bit rate. Approximate File Size per CD (MB)
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8: Smart Client Application Performance
Figure 31-2. You can t edit any modules in the Contacts.mde database file.
DatabaseSize ---------------1.57 GB (1,686,175,744 bytes) 1.195 GB (1,283,522,560 bytes) 936.1 MB (981,532,672 bytes) 856.1 MB (897,646,592 bytes) 736.1 MB (771,817,472 bytes) 384.1 MB (402,718,720 bytes) 352.1 MB (369,164,288 bytes) 264.1 MB (276,889,600 bytes) 264.1 MB (276,889,600 bytes)
Description Sub expression Function call Type constructor Array subscript Member selection Component swizzle Postfix increment (per component) Postfix decrement (per component)
In Windows 7, we support SSTp, L2Tp, and IKEv2 VpN tunnels over Ipv6 (in other words, when your ISp connectivity is Ipv6) and SSTp/L2Tp/ppTp/IKEv2 VpN tunnels over Ipv4. In all scenarios, Ipv4 and/or Ipv6 packets can be sent on top of a VpN tunnel. (packets going to/from your corporate network can be Ipv4/Ipv6.)
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