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company.Columns.Add("CompanyName", typeof(string));
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Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Inside Out If you intended to plot a larger or smaller range than you see in the sample window, you can set matters right on the Data Range line. If the program plotted columns as data series when you wanted rows instead, you can fix that with the Rows and Columns options. In Figure 24-2, for example, the program has given us two data series, each consisting of four points. If instead we wanted four data series, each consisting of two points, we would select the Rows option. Tip Plot multiple areas The data you plot does not have to lie in contiguous ranges. You could, for example, plot every other column in a data block. To select noncontiguous ranges, hold down Ctrl while you select each range. Then activate the Chart Wizard. Excel parses your data selection on the assumption that you want more points than series. For example, if you plot a selection that consists of three columns and 20 rows, the program will assume that the columns represent series and that the rows represent points. If the number of rows and columns in your selection is the same, Excel plots by row making each row a data series. The Series tab of the Step 2 dialog box allows you to make additional corrections. For example, suppose you ve given Excel a two-column range to plot, in which the first column consists of years. Excel has erroneously construed the years to be a data series. Figure 24-3 illustrates the problem.
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This page, shown in Figure 2-5, allows you to enter the name of each computer individually, or you can import a text file that contains the names. You can specify more than one computer name here if you want to use this answer file to automate installation of Windows XP on multiple computers. If you re willing to accept computer names that follow no pattern, you can allow Setup to create each computer s name on the fly by appending seemingly random letters and numbers to the first few letters of your organization s name.
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In addition to ppp logging, which is still available in Windows Vista and later versions, Netsh-based logging is available, which can assist Microsoft support services in resolving your problem. To use Netsh for diagnosing connection failures, perform the following steps from a command prompt. (Note that administrator privileges are required to execute the following commands.) 1 . Click Start, click all programs, click accessories, and then right-click Command
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To start the installation process, do the following:
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The following output demonstrates that Windows Media Player (Wmplayer .exe) has the file locked .
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Troubleshooting Device Installation
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Users can selectively enable EFS on their own files and folders. However, most users are not aware of the need for encryption and will never enable EFS on their own. Rather than relying on users to configure their own data security, you should use Group Policy settings to ensure that domain member computers are configured to meet your organization s security needs. Within the Group Policy Management Editor, you can configure EFS settings by right-clicking the Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Public Key Policies \Encrypting File System node and then choosing Properties to open the Encrypting File System Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 11-5.
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The word you looked up appears in the results list in the Research task pane, as shown previ ously in Figure 6-21. To look up additional related terms, click a word in the results list, or hover the pointer over the word, click the arrow that appears, and then click Look Up. The
If your computer running Windows 7 has file sharing enabled on it, the File and
Configure compliance features such as retention policy tags, message classifications, transport rules, and more. Manage Unified Messaging organization, server, prompts, and recipient configuration.
folder to its new location. If you re preparing to reinstall Outlook Express, copy the store folder to a backup location.
To trigger the event in any other module, execute the following:
Calendar1.Style.Add("position", "absolute");
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