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Which server is the CAS server
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Because Windows pE is only a subset of Windows 7, it has limitations. For example,
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FIgURE 24-9 The third of three prompts to which the user must respond when you require a
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Table 8-1.
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In the old days, infected boot oppy disks were the most common way computer viruses were spread. Today, e-mail is by far the most common infection mechanism. Viruses range from mostly harmless (but irritating) to severe, sometimes causing irreparable damage to your system. Worms are a more recent variation, spreading across the Internet primarily through e-mail and by exploited operating system aws. Worms can bog down a system by consuming the majority of the system s resources, and they can cause the same types of damage as viruses. Outlook 2007 provides protection against viruses and worms by letting you block certain types of attachments that are susceptible to infection. This prevents users from opening attached les that could infect their systems and execute malicious code on a user s system to damage or steal data. Executable programs (.exe, .com, and .bat les) are also good examples of attachments that are primary delivery mechanisms for viruses. Many other document types are equally susceptible HTML documents and scripts, for instance, have rapidly become favorite delivery tools for virus terrorists. Outlook 2007 provides two levels of protection for attachments, Level 1 and Level 2. The following sections explain these two levels, the le types assigned to each, and how to work with attachments. generate barcode 128
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Christian Schindler
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Microsoft Operations Framework
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Configure site link replication frequency for site links by providing an integer value that tells Active Directory how many minutes it should wait before using a connection to check for replication updates. The replication interval must be at least 15 and no more than 10,080 minutes (equal to one week). A site link must be available for any replication to occur, so if a site link is scheduled as unavailable when the number of minutes between replication updates has passed, no replication occurs.
Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Second Edition
DRA Outbound Objects/Sec DRA Outbound Objects Filtered/Sec DRA Outbound Properties/Sec
The RemotingFormat property, which provides true binary serialization, is new in ADO.NET 2.0.
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out
FIGURE 4-14 Client Access Server planning
Exchange Server 2003 s first codename was Exchange .NET it had fallen into the .NET phase of Microsoft when almost all products had that suffix, but later the codename was changed to Titanium, or Ti. It was released on June 30, 2003, as version 6.5 and it further built on the foundation established by Exchange 2000. It was the first Exchange version based on Active Directory widely accepted by customers; many large companies migrated their Exchange 5.5 environments to Exchange 2003.
128 (16) Colon-hexadecimal No Yes (global addresses) Yes (unique local addresses) Yes (link-local addresses) No Multicast used instead Implicit 64-bit address prefix length for addresses assigned to interfaces
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As mentioned earlier, one problem with using smart clients is that changes to the data held on the server can occur before any client-side changes are synchronized with the server. You need a mechanism to ensure that when the data is synchronized, any data conflicts are handled appropriately and the resultant data is consistent and correct. The ability for data to be updated by more than one client is known as data concurrency. There are two approaches that you could use to handle data concurrency: Pessimistic concurrency. Pessimistic concurrency allows one client to maintain a lock over the data to prevent any other clients from modifying the data until the client s own changes are complete. In such cases, if another client attempts to modify the data, the attempt fails or is blocked until the lock s owner releases the lock. Pessimistic concurrency can be problematic, because a single user or client may hold on to a lock for a significant period of time, possibly inadvertently. Therefore, the lock could prevent important resources, such as database rows or files, from being released in a timely manner, which can seriously affect the scalability and usability of the application. However, pessimistic concurrency may be appropriate when you need to have complete control over changes made to important resources. Note that it cannot be used if your clients are to work offline, because they are not able to put a lock on data. Optimistic concurrency. Optimistic concurrency does not lock the data .To decide whether an update is actually required, the original data can be sent along with the update request and the changed data. The original data is then checked against the current data to see if it has been updated in the meantime. If the original data and the current data match, the update is executed; otherwise, the request is denied, producing an optimistic failure. To optimize this process, you can use a time stamp or an update counter in the data instead of sending the original data, and in this case only the time stamp or counter needs to be checked. Optimistic concurrency provides a good mechanism for updating master data that does not change very often, such as a customer s phone number or address. Optimistic concurrency allows everyone to read the data, and in situations where updates are less likely than read operations, the risk of an optimistic failure may be acceptable. Optimistic concurrency may not be suitable in situations where the data is changed often and where the optimistic updates are likely to fail often.
Practice 2
The notification area (some people call it the system tray) displays only the icons you
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Windows 7 Professional will suit the needs of most business users, including small- and mediumsize businesses and enterprises . Windows 7 Professional includes all of the features included with Windows 7 Home Basic, plus the following:
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Type Import-module groupPolicy to import the GroupPolicy module into Windows PowerShell . Type $key = "HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer" to assign the registry path for the Add Search Internet Link To Start Menu policy setting to the variable named $key . Use the Set-GPRegistryValue cmdlet, as shown in Figure 14-4, to create a new DWORD registry value named AddSearchInternetLinkinStartMenu under the registry key and assign a value of 1 to this registry value .
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