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7. Not supported by Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
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You can verify permissions delegated for the container or objects in the container in the Security tab in the Properties dialog box for the container and in the Advanced Security Settings dialog box for the container. Refer to the previous lesson for specific instruction on accessing these dialog boxes.
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adaptive rendering
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Editing Task
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Figure 21-4. Warning message you get when executing code that interrogates your Contacts folder in Outlook.
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Keyboard Shortcut
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C# public static HttpWebRequest RequestTo( Uri surveysUri, string userName, string password) { var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(surveysUri); var authHeader = string.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, "user {0}:{1}", userName, password); request.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Authorization] = authHeader; return request; }
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Users and groups
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Define, document, and follow a strict procedure for securing and accessing evidence both onsite and offsite.
Modifying Rules
Figure 20-27. You can use the Create A New View dialog box to specify a name, a view type, the folder to which the view applies, and who is allowed to see the view.
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Dynamically Generating Images
As with other security settings, the configuration parameters you import into the Group Policy Object for a specific container are inherited by all the objects in that container, including other containers. Most networks use different levels of security for computers performing various roles, so it is relatively rare for administrators to apply a security template to a domain or site object, because then all the computers in that domain or site receive the same settings. At the very least, your domain controllers should have a higher level of security than the other computers on your network.
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1 Add the element you want to the page. 2 With the new item selected, take either of these actions:
Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out Table 21-4 details the corresponding CSS properties.
Part 6: Formatting Your Web Pages
If you want Outlook 2007 to use a phone number associated with a different contact, type the contact s name in the Contact box, and then press Tab or click in the Number box. Alternatively, you can simply type the phone number in the Number box. If the contact entry for the person you re calling already includes phone numbers, select the phone number in the Number box. If the contact entry doesn t specify a phone number, type the number in the Number box. 3. To keep a record of the call in the journal, select the Create New Journal Entry When Starting New Call check box. If you select this check box, a journal entry opens with the timer running after you start the call. You can type notes in the text box of the journal entry while you talk. 4. Click Start Call. 5. Pick up the phone handset, and begin the call. 6. If you created a journal entry for the call, click Pause Timer to stop the clock when you ve nished the call, and then click Save & Close. 7. Click End Call, and then hang up the phone.
Managing Group Policy with RSoP
Figure 1-1. The Categories form in the Northwind Traders sample database.
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