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The Queue and Stack classes (in the System.Collections namespace) store objects that can be retrieved and removed in a single step. Queue uses a FIFO sequence, while Stack uses a LIFO sequence. The Queue class uses the Enqueue and Dequeue methods to add and remove objects, while the Stack class uses Push and Pop. The following code demonstrates the differences between the two classes:
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Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out
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Specify the color you want the border lines to be. Clicking the down arrow displays a standard set of FrontPage color controls.
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1 In Outlook, choose Tools, Options and click the Security tab. 2 Click Settings to display the Change Security Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 10-14.
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Part 1: Part Title
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Prevent Participation In The Customer Experience Improvement Program
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Basic Charting Techniques
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Local System
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Update Attached Pages
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Part 5: Publishing and Maintaining Web Sites
Unscrambling Messages
Figure 32-7.
Part 3: Creating Forms and Reports in a Desktop Application
name the le, and then click Save to save an HTML version of the le. Navigation Bar Options button that appears.
printer definition file. This file contains a list of all printers
Publishing Applications
3 Click the Remote Web Site Properties button on the Remote Web Site View toolbar. 4 When the Remote Web Site Properties dialog box appears, click the Optimize HTML
ADMX Central Store on Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 Domains
Lesson 1: Configuring Network Address Translation
Accessing Resources Across Domains Joined by an External Trust U s i n g Active Directory Domains And Trusts, you can determine the scope of authentication between two domains that are joined by an external trust. You can set selective authentication differently for outgoing and incoming external trusts, which allows you to make flexi ble authentication decisions between external domains. You select domain-wide or
DataTable employee = companyData.Tables.Add("employee");
Regardless of the reason for a system crash, the function that actually performs the crash is KeBugCheckEx, documented in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). This function takes a stop code (sometimes called a bugcheck code) and four parameters that are interpreted on a per stop code basis. After KeBugCheckEx masks out all interrupts on all processors of the system, it switches the display into a low-resolution VGA graphics mode (one implemented by all Windowssupported video cards), paints a blue background, and then displays the stop code, followed by some text suggesting what the user can do. Finally, KeBugCheckEx calls any registered device driver bugcheck callbacks (registered by calling the KeRegisterBugCheckCallback function), allowing drivers an opportunity to stop their devices. It then calls registered reason callbacks (registered with KeRegisterBugCheckReasonCallback), which allow drivers to append data to the crash dump or write crash dump information to alternate devices. (It s possible that system data structures have been so seriously corrupted that the blue screen isn t displayed.) Figure 14-1 shows a sample Windows blue screen.
The following code snippet demonstrates the methods of creating and adding data to the employee DataTable:
Lesson 3: Understanding IP Version 6 (IPv6) Addressing
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