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The wizard upsizes only your tables when you select this option. In this example, you are trying to completely upsize an existing desktop database to an Access project, so choose the first option. The default file name chosen by the wizard, Contacts2UpsizeCS.adp, is fine for this example. The third option is useful if you want to do an upsize by hand and have more control over the process. Unlike importing tables into a new SQL Server database, when you select this option the wizard will attempt to upsize all your table validation rules, properties, and relationships. 1152
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Version control should be managed so that you ll know what you have to patch and how to fix it. The number of user settable options should be reduced to as close to zero as possible. Security items such as encryption and authentication should be configured to the securest setting the clients and servers can both use.
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Note Preferably, profiles should be managed by using Group Policy. Although mandatory user profiles are permitted, they are more likely to create administration problems. For infor mation about Group Policy, see 11, Administering Group Policy.
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Can access Active Directory to execute No access to Active Directory. rule conditions that depend on group membership or user properties. 16 Can inspect Information Rights Management (IRM)-protected messages and take action based on its content (this requires the enabling of the transport decryption feature). No access to protected content.
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Avoid using absolute positioning and sizes for controls
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CHapTER 18
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Correct Answers: C
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Cancels the event that caused this macro to run. You can t use a CancelEvent action in a macro that defines menu commands or in response to an event that cannot be canceled. In Visual Basic, you should set the Cancel parameter of the event procedure to True to cancel the event.
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Figure 26-2. The Create List dialog box lets you determine the structure of your data list.
Lesson 2 Exercise 1: Deciding Whether a Password Policy Should Be Implemented in a Baseline Security Template
In this exercise, you will write an application that creates a folder named C:\Guest and grants the Guest user Read access to the folder. Then you create a file within that folder and display the permissions assigned to both the folder and the file to verify that your application functioned correctly. 1. Create a new Console application in either Visual Basic or C#. 2. Add the System.Security.AccessControl, System.Security.Policy, System.Security.Principal, and System.IO namespaces to your project. 3. In the Main method, write code to create a DirectorySecurity object that grants the Guest user Read access to a new folder, Guest, within the current user s Documents folder. Create the folder by specifying the DirectorySecurity object. Do not create the folder before creating the DirectorySecurity object. For example, the following code works:
Specifies a path to the data store . Specifies a Config .xml file . (See the section titled Developing Migration Files later in this chapter for more information .) Enables the creation of a hard-link migration store at the location specified by Store . You must specify the /nocompress option when using this option . Identifies a migration .xml file to use when saving state data . You can use this option multiple times . Disables data compression . Use this option only with the /hardlink option or when testing in a lab environment . Overwrites existing data in the data store . Creates a size estimate in the path specified . When used without a path, it creates a size estimate file called USMTsize .t xt in the location specified by Store . Enables use of the Volume Shadow Copy service to migrate files that are locked or in use during migration .
Part 8: System Maintenance and Recovery
Off the Record
This chapter introduced the wide assortment of tools that FrontPage provides for managing Web sites. It explained how to create FrontPage-based Web sites, how to fill them with content, and how to avoid repetitive, manual work both when creating Web pages and when maintaining them over time. The rest of this book delves into these topics in much greater detail and presents many addi@ tional features, tips, tricks, and advice on what to do when things go wrong.
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The Windows AIK also provides a Deployment Tools command prompt that opens on the Windows AIK tools folders (shown in Figure 9-1) . You can use commands within this command prompt interface to create your Windows PE build environment . The build environment is a copy of the build scripts and Windows PE source files that you customize and then use to create a new Windows PE image file . The Copype .cmd script is designed to create the build environment . Use the following syntax to create the Windows PE environment, where platform is either x86 or amd64 and destination is the folder to which you want to copy the files .
Manageability Improvements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1174 Network Location Types Policy-Based QoS Windows Firewall and IPsec 1174 1175 1183
Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
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