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Workbooks and Worksheets
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Command-Line Utilities
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data easier to understand. Excel 2010 greatly enhances your ability to manage your images without leaving Excel.
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Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out
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Objective 1.1 Questions 1.
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With your security mechanisms and policies in place, you might be tempted to think that the work of your team is finished, but this is definitely not the case. Security is an ongoing concern that requires the continued attention of the entire team. For the technical staff, security management means regular checking of audit logs and other resources, as well as monitoring individual systems and network traffic for signs of intrusion. Administrators must also update the security software products as needed. Beyond these regular tasks, however, the entire team must be aware that the organiza tion s security situation changes constantly. Every day can bring new resources to pro tect or new threats to existing resources. Security is often an arms race between the intruders and the protectors, and whichever side allows itself to become lax or com placent ends up losing the race.
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In addition, if you want users on client computers to also be able to connect to virtual machines using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection, you must install the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host role service, which also requires installing the Hyper-V role to the server . For guidance on configuring RemoteApp and Desktop Connection on the server side, refer to steps 1 and 2 in the Deploying RemoteApp Programs to the Start Menu by Using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Step-by-Step Guide found at . You will also need to import the SSL certificate for the Remote Desktop Web Access server to your client computers before the users of these computers can use RemoteApp and Desktop Connection . For information on how to import certificates, see step 3 of the above guide . After you have configured your servers and have installed certificates on your clients, you can configure RemoteApp and Desktop Connection on the client side by following these steps:
RPC Server Event Log Workstation
When Multiple Users Share One Computer
Client Refresh Interval : 30 seconds
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The problem with hard-coding (that is, assigning a set value to) the upper limit of a For Next loop is that you would need to change the code every time you added or deleted a worksheet. That s no big deal once or twice, but if you re managing a lot of code you ll inevitably forget to change it in a few places, causing errors you ll have to fix. Worse yet, those errors might not be noticed until the proofreader discovers that the first 500 printed copies of your annual report aren t formatted correctly and you ve turned off your wireless phone as you while away your time on the beach. Yes, you can use a bit of code to discover the number of worksheets in your workbook, but there s a simpler way to do it: use a For Each Next loop instead. For Each Next loops find the number of objects in a collection, such as worksheets in a workbook, and step through each occurrence. In this example, the preceding code would be written this way.
ASP.NET State Management
New-RoutingGroupConnector Name "RGC Exchange 2010<-> Legacy" SourceTransportServers "ExServer1", "ExServer2" TargetTransportServers "E2003Svr1" Cost 50 Bidirectional $True
Creating and Configuring a Connection Security Rule
Part 6: Managing and Securing Outlook
Internal access points provide access to your company's information from internal sources. For instance, a server on your network that does not require a user name or password to access information is considered an internal access point.
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