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Volume Activation Scenarios
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Part 3: Creating Forms and Reports in a Desktop Application
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Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Second Edition To remove one or more of those categories (so that the affected category joins the Internet zone), select Local Intranet in the Internet Options dialog box and then click Sites. You ll see the following dialog box. Clear the appropriate check boxes.
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Sheet tabs
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The filter matches what we would expect from our interaction with the wizard and looks for any mailbox where the value of the CustomAttribute6 property is IT that is stored in the IT OU (or any child OU).
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Tag dialog box shown previously in Figure 41-4 appears, click Edit.
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To create top-level OUs 1. Log on to Server1 as Administrator. 2. On Server1, use the procedure provided earlier in this lesson to create the toplevel OUs you planned in Exercise 1.
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Transport configuration settings
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After this lesson, you will be able to: Describe the purpose of firewalls. List the three firewall profiles and how each is used. Create a firewall rule to allow inbound traffic. Create a firewall rule to allow outbound traffic and enable outbound filtering. Configure the scope of a firewall rule to limit communications to specific subnets. Configure firewall rules to require IPsec connection security and, optionally, limit authorization to specific users and computers. Use Group Policy settings to configure firewall rules in an Active Directory domain environment. Enable Windows Firewall logging so you can isolate problems related to firewall rules. Identify network communications used by a specific application so that you can create rules for the application. Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
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Part 12: Customizing Your Copy of FrontPage
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SAC and !SAC
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If the parent container s GPO contains a policy setting, and the same policy is undefined in the child container s GPO, the objects in the child container use the setting from the parent GPO. If the child container s GPO contains a policy setting, and the same policy is unde fined in the parent container s GPO, the objects in the child container use the set ting from the child GPO. If the parent container s GPO contains a policy setting, and the same policy has a different setting in the child container s GPO, the objects in the child container use the setting from the child GPO.
Part 1: Introducing Microsoft FrontPage 2003
In addition to the enhancements to the Print Management console found in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 that were described earlier in this chapter, several new enhancements can be found in the Print Management console in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 . These new enhancements include the following:
Manipulate worksheet data, page 128
The Attribute of Simplicity
Lesson 1: Building Mobile Applications
The name of the query you selected appears in the combo box in the lower part of the dialog box. (If you want to select a different table or query, open the drop-down list to see a list of all the tables and queries in your database and select another.) Later in this chapter, you ll use a 539
Lesson 1: Serializing Objects
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