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2 Choose Tools, Macro, Record New Macro. Excel presents the Record Macro dialog
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MMC User Mode Types
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Figure 21-9. The preview boxes in the Index and Tables dialog box show the default selections.
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C. Correct: Pol1 should be applied to the Airports and Intl OUs, or you could apply
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In this exercise, you will initiate a Telnet session from Boston to Binghamton. You will then verify that data authentication and encryption are applied to the Telnet session. 1. On Boston, open a command prompt. 2. At the command prompt, type telnet Binghamton. 3. A Telnet session to the Telnet server on Binghamton begins. 4. On Boston, from the Start Menu, point to Administrative Tools, and then choose Windows Firewall With Advanced Security. 5. In the WFAS console tree, expand the Monitoring node and expand the Security Associations node. 6. Beneath the Security Associations node, select the Main Mode folder, and then the Quick Mode folder. You will see that an SA appears in the Details pane when you select each folder. Spend a few moments browsing the information displayed about these SAs. If the quick mode SA disappears, enter a command such as dir at the Telnet prompt to reestablish it. 7. Answer the following question: How do you know that the quick mode SA is securing Telnet traffic in particular Answer: Because the remote port is specified as port 23. 8. At the Telnet prompt, type exit. You now want to unlink the IPSec GPO so that it does not interfere with the next practice. 9. On Dcsrv1, open the GPM console. 10. In the GPM console tree, ensure that the Nwtraders.msft domain is selected. 11. In the Details pane, right-click the GPO named IPSec GPO, and then choose Link Enabled. 12. In the Group Policy Management message box, click OK to change the Link Enabled status. 13. Verify that the Link Enabled Status of IPSec GPO is now set to No. 14. At a command prompt on both Boston and Binghamton, run the Gpupdate command. Exercise 6 Implementing IPSec Through Connection Security Rules In this exercise, you will configure connection security rules in the domain so that all IP traffic between those clients is authenticated. 1. If you have not already done so, log on to Nwtraders from Dcsrv1 as a domain administrator. 2. In the GPM console tree, beneath the Domains container, right-click the Nwtraders.msft node, and then click Create A GPO In This Domain, And Link It Here.
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Determines if two values are equal Determines if value on left side of operand is less than value on right side Determines if value on left side of operand is greater than value on right side Determines if value on left side of operand is less than or equal to value on right side Determines if value on left side of operand is greater than or equal to value on right side Determines if two values are not equal to each other
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Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Second Edition
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' VB Dim p As String = "First Name: ( <firstName>.*$)\n" + _ "Last Name: ( <lastName>.*$)\n" + _ "Address: ( <address>.*$)\n" + _ "City: ( <city>.*$)\n" + _ "State: ( <state>.*$)\n" + _ "Zip: ( <zip>.*$)" Dim m As Match = Regex.Match(s, p, RegexOptions.Multiline) Dim fullName As String = m.Groups("firstName").ToString + " " + _ m.Groups("lastName").ToString Dim address As String = m.Groups("address").ToString Dim city As String = m.Groups("city").ToString Dim state As String = m.Groups("state").ToString Dim zip As String = m.Groups("zip").ToString // C# string p = @"First Name: ( <firstName>.*$)\n" + @"Last Name: ( <lastName>.*$)\n" + @"Address: ( <address>.*$)\n" + @"City: ( <city>.*$)\n" + @"State: ( <state>.*$)\n" + @"Zip: ( <zip>.*$)"; Match m = Regex.Match(s, p, RegexOptions.Multiline); string fullName = m.Groups["firstName"] + " " + m.Groups["lastName"]; string address = m.Groups["address"].ToString(); string city = m.Groups["city"].ToString(); string state = m.Groups["state"].ToString(); string zip = m.Groups["zip"].ToString();
OWA also uses system registry entries to control some settings. In terms of administrator interest, the timeout for a session is probably the most popular of these settings. There are two values: One controls how long OWA will run without terminating a session when a user logs onto a public computer (or clicks the Public check box when they connect to OWA); the other controls the private timeout. The two values are as follows: Public (15 minutes by default) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeOWA Name: PublicTimeout Type: DWORD Private (8 hours by default [640 minutes]) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeOWA Name: PrivateTimeout Type: DWORD
Convert To:
Part 1: Part Title
Microsoft Office Word 2003 Inside Out
Choose the size of the headline from the drop-down list. Click the Bold or Italic button, or both, to apply those attributes as you want.
Field Categories
Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2007
D. This solution accomplishes both stated goals: it will limit the users logon hours
As part of creating the DAG on an Exchange 2010 server, you have to provide a universal naming convention (UNC) share path and directory for use by the FSW for the cluster. This directory can be on a Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 (SP2 or R2) server and Exchange will create the physical directory as it sets up the DAG. The server that hosts the FSW must be in the same forest as the DAG, but it cannot be a member of the DAG. You can specify a UNC and directory for an alternate file share for the cluster to use if the server that hosts the primary FSW is unavailable.
Public Sub TestControl() With Application.CommandBars.ActionControl If .Parameter = "Dropdown Box #1" Then MsgBox .List(.ListIndex) End If End With End Sub
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Inside Out
For detailed startup performance troubleshooting, examine the Applications And Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\Diagnostics-Performance\Operational Event Log . Events with IDs from 100 to 199 provide startup performance detail in the event of long startup times . In particular, event ID 100 indicates the startup time in milliseconds . Other events identify applications or services that are causing a startup performance degradation .
You are a network administrator for City Power & Light as described in s 5, 6, and 7. The company has a single domain with eight OUs directly subordinate to the domain. The company has five locations: Main, North, South, East, and West. All of the computer and user accounts for each location are in their respective OUs. All locations are connected to the Main site using T1 lines (previously many of these connections were 56 Kbps dial-up). The North, South, East, and West locations are all configured as Active Directory sites named North_Site, South_Site, East_Site, and West_Site, respec tively. Each site has between 100 and 150 network users and computers, as shown in Figure 9-16. Each site also has one domain controller. Each site s domain controller is also config ured as a DNS server and global catalog server. Your manager, Dragan Tomic, was promoted from Network Operations Manager to Chief Information Officer (CIO). You are now the Network Operations Manager. This means you are in charge of the network administration team, which includes seven other administrators. Wei Yu and Zheng Mu are administrators for the Operations OU. Ben Smith manages the Human Resources, Accounting, and Contractors OUs. The other administrators are Jim Kim (North_Site), Vamsi Kuppa (West_Site), Michael Hum mer (South_Site), and Don Funk (East_Site).
Exam Tip
Lagged database copies can protect you from the extremely rare logical corruption type cases as described in the following scenarios:
f it usually takes your organization more than a few days to deploy an update, create an accelerated process for critical updates. Use this process to speed or bypass
Worksheet Editing Techniques
1. This solution is probably best suited to use the GridView for the customers and the orders because the ability to display this data as a list is a requirement. The GridView does not natively support the abiltiy to add new data records, but you can modify the GridView to provide this functionality. You can also supply a Button control that simply adds an empty data record and then places the record in edit mode. Another solution is to provide a DetailsView or FormView control in addition to the GridView controls for the customers and orders. The DetailsView and FormView provide the ability to add new rows, and you can edit all of the fields.
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