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Figure 10-3. Many of the submenus on the Drawing and AutoShapes menus are palettes you can tear off by dragging.
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The Calendar ActiveX control in action.
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Tunnel Endpoint page Configure this page only when you want to use IPSec in tunnel
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7 When you re ready to send the fax, click the Send button in the toolbar.
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5. BFE starts the IKEv2 negotiation (IKE_Sa_INIT) with the RRaS server. BFE extracts
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Obviously, an object that has only a name and a container is of little use when it comes to enforcing integrity. In real applications, you will instantiate one of the objects that inherits from Constraint, ForeignKeyConstraint, or UniqueConstraint. The properties of the ForeignKeyConstraint object are shown in Table 7-10. This constraint represents the rules that are enforced when a parent-child relationship exists between tables (or between rows within a single table). Table 7-10: ForeignKeyConstraint Properties Property AcceptRejectRule Description Determines the action
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Using Forms The PostalCode field in the frmCompanies form (see Figure 10-5) is set using a combo box, as shown in Figure 10-10. The combo box uses four fields from the underlying query the Zipcode, City, State, and County fields from the lookup query qlkpZips. When you select a postal code, the combo box sets the PostalCode field in the underlying record a very useful feature. Visual Basic code attached to this control also automatically copies the related City, County, and State data from the selected row in the combo box to the fields on the form for you. As long as you know the postal code, you don t have to enter the other related information. You ll find a similar combo box used in the application wherever you need to enter a postal code on a form.
It s impossible to see an entire workbook on the screen. Knowing that, what do you do if you need to select a gigantic range of cells You can drag the mouse pointer past the window border and wait for the automatic scrolling to get you where you need to go, but this method can be frustrating if you have trouble managing the scrolling speed and keep overshooting the target. A better method is to use the Zoom command to get a bird s-eye view of the worksheet, as shown in Figure 5-2. Choose View, Zoom, or use the Zoom box on the Standard toolbar, and select or type the zoom percentage you want. The Zoom feature is limited to a range from 10 through 400 percent.
Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-24
Type perfmon /sys /comp to open Performance Monitor in stand-alone mode for comparison, and then click the View Log Data button on the toolbar to open the Performance Monitor properties with the focus on the Source tab, as shown here .
The following sections explain the changes you can make to Outlook Today view on this page. When you re satis ed with the changes, click Save Changes in the Customize Outlook Today title bar, or click Cancel to close the page without applying the changes.
The System.Drawing.Image abstract class gives you the ability to create, load, modify, and save images such as .bmp files, .jpg files, and .tif files. Some useful things you can do with the Image class include the following: Create a drawing or chart and save the results as an image file. Use text (as described in Lesson 3 later in this chapter) to add copyright information or a watermark to a picture. Resize JPEG images so that they consume less space and can be downloaded faster. The Image class is abstract, but you can create instances of the class using the Image.FromFile method (which accepts a path to an image file as a parameter) and the Image.FromStream method (which accepts a System.IO.Stream object as a parameter). You can also use two classes that inherit Image: System.Drawing.Bitmap for still images, and System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile for animated images. Bitmap is the most commonly used class for working with new or existing images. The different constructors allow you to create a Bitmap from an existing Image, file, or stream, or to create a blank bitmap of a specified height and width. Bitmap contains two particularly useful methods that Image lacks:
Visual Basic .NET
Function distance Input Arg/ Return Type Return type a b Type Scalar template, float component type Vector template, float component type Vector template, float component type Size 1 row, 1 column 1 row, any number of columns 1 row, number of columns = number of columns in input a
FIgURE 10-2 Windows Deployment Services image store organization
Part 3: Creating Forms and Reports in a Desktop Application
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