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A hub transport or Edge server: This is done with the Set-TransportServer cmdlet (some parameters can be set through EMC). Typically, you only need to apply throttling to servers that deal with external traffic, although it is possible that you might have to apply throttling on hub transport servers positioned in a busy hub site. A receive connector: This is done with the Set-ReceiveConnector cmdlet. Again, you usually only need to pay attention to the receive connectors that handle incoming traffic from outside the organization. A send connector: This is done with the Set-SendConnector cmdlet.
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iterative query In Domain Name System (DNS), a name resolution request query to which a server is expected to respond immediately with whatever information it has on the name. ITU ITU-T IXFR See International Telecommunications Union (ITU). See International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication (ITU-T). See incremental zone transfer (IXFR).
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Click this button to display the Add Parameter dialog box, which appends a new keyword=value pair to the query string. Figure 11-5 shows the Add Parameter dialog box in the foreground. Click this button to change the value of the parameter currently selected in the Query String list.
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value = CType(Cache("Greeting"), String)
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Business Contact Manager is included with Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003, Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, and Microsoft Office Small Business Edi tion 2003. The installation process for Business Contact Manager is straightforward. When you run Setup from the Business Contact Manager CD, Setup first determines if the Microsoft .NET Framework, which is required to run Business Contact Manager, is installed on the computer. If not, Setup launches the .NET Framework installation. You ll see a hand ful of dialog boxes that track the .NET Framework installation progress. The only input you need to provide during this phase is to accept the .NET Framework license agreement, as shown in Figure 15-5.
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Part 6: Networking
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An excellent article on the Exchange development team blog (http://msexchangeteam .com/archive/2010/01/08/453722.aspx) gives guidance as to what version of objects can be managed by the different versions of EMC and EMS .
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<asp:Label ID="Label1" BackColor="#FFE0C0" ForeColor="Red" Text="Label"></ asp:Label> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" BackColor="#FFE0C0" ForeColor="Red" Text="Label"></asp:Label>
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2 As you select each rule, the Paragraph Preview area shows the effect of that
D. Correct: Using a script as a logon or logoff script is one of the faster ways of
CHapTER 15 Managing Users and User Data
Figure 7-17 Connecting Tailspin Toys sites
Conflict Check Queue Length Specifies the number of outgoing conflict detection (ping) packets waiting to be transmitted by the DHCP server Declines/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPDECLINE messages being received by the DHCP server each second Discovers/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPDISCOVER messages being received by the DHCP server each second Duplicates Dropped/Sec Specifies the number of duplicate packets being received by the DHCP server each second Informs/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPINFORM messages being received by the DHCP server each second Milliseconds Per Packet (Avg) Specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds) that the server is taking to respond to an incoming message Nacks/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPNAK messages being transmitted by the DHCP server each second Offers/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPOFFER messages being transmitted by the DHCP server each second Packets Expired/Sec Specifies the number of packets in the DHCP server's message queue that are expiring each second Packets Received/Sec Specifies the number of packets received by the DHCP server each second Releases/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPRELEASE messages being received by the DHCP server each second Requests/Sec Specifies the number of DHCPREQUEST messages being received by the DHCP server each second
To check whether a category already exists, use the PerformanceCounterCategory.Exists method.
Database management
Part 4: Creating Web Sites Automatically
Analyzing Auditing Requirements
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