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Overview of Management Tools
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Security Configuration And Analysis Best Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-78
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Creating a Server Cluster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-39
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Hybrid Images
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To monitor remote access port activities over time, you can use the Remote Access Ser vice (RAS) counters in the Performance console. The System Monitor and Performance Logs And Alerts snap-ins have two performance objects, called RAS Port and RAS Total. The RAS Port performance object enables you to select a particular port to monitor, and RAS Total monitors the combined activity on all ports. Individual counters in each of these performance objects enable you to track the same statistics as in the Port Status
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Business Requirements
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CHapTER 30
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Implementing Group Policy
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Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF). The EIF is an extensible and configurable framework that you can use to instrument your smart client application. It provides an extensible event schema and unified API that uses existing events, logging, and tracing mechanisms built into Windows, including the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the Windows Event Log, and Windows Event Tracing. It greatly simplifies the coding required to publish application events. If you are planning to use EIF, you need to install EIF on the client computer by using the EIF .msi. If you want to use the EIF in your smart client application, you need to consider this requirement when you decide how to deploy your application. For more information, see How To: Use EIF at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp url=/library/en-us/dnpag/html /scalenethowto14.asp. Logging Application Block. The Logging Application Block provides extensible and reusable code components to help you produce instrumented applications. It builds on capabilities of the EIF to provide functionalities such as enhancements to the event schema, multiple log levels, additional event sinks, and so on. For more information, see the Logging Application Block at http://msdn.microsoft.com /library/default.asp url=/library/en-us/dnpag/html/Logging.asp. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The WMI component is part of the Windows operating system and provides programming interfaces for accessing management information and control in an enterprise. This is most commonly used by system administrators to automate administration tasks using scripts that invoke the WMI component. For more information, see Windows Management Instrumentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp url= /library/en-us/wmisdk/wmi/wmi_start_page.asp. Debug and Trace Classes. The .NET framework provides Debug and Trace classes under the System.Diagnosis to instrument your code. The Debug class is primarily used for printing debug information and checking for assertions. The Trace class allows you to instrument release builds to monitor the health of your application at run time. In Visual Studio .NET, tracing is enabled by default. When using the command-line build you must add the /d:Trace flag for the compiler or #define TRACE in the your Visual C# .NET source code to enable tracing. For Visual Basic .NET source code, you must add /d:TRACE=True for the commandline compiler. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 815788, HOW TO: Trace and Debug in Visual C# .NET, at http://support.microsoft.com /default.aspx scid=kb;en-us;815788.
Using Remote Desktop
4 Drag the commands you want to include on the toolbar from the Commands list to
A version instruction. Setup instructions for defining constants. Later versions also require inputs and outputs to be declared. The rest of the instruction types: arithmetic, texture, macro-ops, flow control, and modifiers.
System Requirements
These boxes designate two Web Part zones named, of course, Left and Right.
Dim cmd As DbCommand = connection.CreateCommand()
A server on your network is experiencing a slowdown in performance due to a bottleneck in the storage subsystem. The three hard drives in the computer are running inde pendently and are all approximately three-quarters full. Which of the following procedures would eliminate the storage bottleneck (Choose all that apply.)
Active Database Configuration The two tables in this subsection summarize the
When you set Allow Multiple Selections to Yes and the visitor Ctrl+clicks the last
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