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Setting Up Send/Receive Groups
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Windows Server 2008 CSEs are already included and therefore do not need to be installed. Windows Vista and Windows Vista with SP1 Download and install the
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Application (Intelligent) Firewall
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See Formatting Paragraphs by Aligning and Indenting Text, in 8.
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Figure 14-4 Connecting to the Configuration naming context on an Edge server.
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1. Double-click Add in the form designer. Visual Studio opens the code editor and adds the Click event handler. 2. Add the following code to the procedure: 3. Dim drNew As System.Data.DataRow 4. 5. drNew = Me.dsEmployeeList1.EmployeeList.NewRow() 6. drNew.Item("FirstName") = "New First" 7. drNew.Item("LastName") = "New Last" Me.dsEmployeeList1.EmployeeList.Rows.Add(drNew) The first line declares the DataRow variable that will contain the new row. Then the NewRow method is called, instantiating the variable; its fields are set; and it is added to the Rows collection of the EmployeeList table. 8. Press F5 to run the application. 9. Click Add. The application adds a new row. 10. Move to the last row in the DataSet by clicking the >> button. The application displays the new row.
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might be too great to allow the hosts to communicate with one another by means of a local network broadcast. By extending the subnet mask to /26 and borrowing two bits from the host ID portion of your address space, you can divide the network into four logical subnets. You can then use a router in a central location to connect the four physical networks. Figure 1-36 illustrates this scenario.
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A stripe for a Pyramid An overlapping circle for a Venn chart A circle and connector line for a Radial chart A segment for a Cycle chart A ring for a Target diagram
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FIgURE 21-2 The new Add Counters dialog box
Making the Most of Research Services and Reference Tools
Making Settings
5. To test the code, choose Run, Run Sub/UserForm, or click the Run Sub/UserForm button on the toolbar. The message box shown in Figure 29-3 appears.
Management Role Group - Universal Security Group - Includes Role Holders that are groups or users
Understanding Computer Roles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-3
If you have only one account con gured on the computer and want to add another account, click Add to start the Service Sign-Up Wizard and download a certi cate for another e-mail address and corresponding Microsoft Passport.
Deleting a Group
2. 3.
The Local Security Authority Subsystem (Lsass; \%SystemRoot%\System32\Lsass.exe) manages logon sessions but also handles EFS key management chores. For example, when EFS needs to decrypt an FEK to decrypt file data a user wants to access, NTFS sends a request to Lsass. EFS sends the request via an advanced local procedure call (ALPC) message. The KSecDD (\%SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Ksecdd.sys) device driver exports functions for other drivers
Script Engine is installed automatically before starting Windows Installer . You can automate this installation a couple of ways:
4 Enter a name in the File Name text box, and click Save.
Before attempting to back up Active Directory data, you must prepare the files that you want to back up, and, if you are using a removable media device, you must prepare the device.
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out
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