Figure 11-3 The Autoenrollment Settings Properties dialog box in visual basic

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HLSL Effect Examples
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Microsoft Data and Synchronization Technologies for Windows Phone 7 Microsoft provides a range of technologies for exposing data in standard formats. Typically, on the Windows platform, you will expose data through a SOAP-based or a REST-based service; using a technology such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to implement SOAP-based services or a framework such as WCF Data Services for REST-based services. Frameworks such as WCF Data Services and WCF RIA (Rich Internet Application) Services can expose data in the OData, Atom, Atom Pub, and JSON formats, and support a full REST-based service interface for updating, deleting, and adding new data to the server-based store. Other server frameworks for Windows and other platforms can do the same. On the client device, proxy components are available that work with the OData protocol to expose a simpler and more useful API to application developers. These components abstract the complexity of interacting with the OData service and allow developers to concentrate on the application code itself. Proxy components are available for Windows Phone 7 applications. In addition, the OData Developer site includes links to OData SDKs for PHP, Java, Objective C (Apple iPhone and Mac,) and JavaScript (AJAX and Palm WebOS). Note: For information about the OData SDKs and providers that are currently available, see the Open Data Protocol website ( and the post, OData interoperability with .NET, Java, PHP, iPhone and more, on the Interoperability @ Microsoft blog (http://blogs. Mobile devices can also communicate directly with SQL Azure databases, although this requires use of an ADO.NET provider that understands the tabular data stream (TDS) protocol. It also requires more effort on the client side to write the data access code because the ADO.NET SQL client libraries are not available on the phone, and offers no opportunity to include server-based business logic outside of the database operations. However, it may be a useful technique in some application scenarios. Note: The implementation of Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 does not directly support all the networking features of Silverlight 4.0 and the Silverlight 4.0 SDK. For more information, see Networking for Windows Phone on MSDN (http://msdn.
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1 Open Outlook and start a new message. With the message form open, choose File, Permission, Do Not Forward.
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When you have data in a table, you can easily change the data by editing it in Datasheet view. You must select data before you can change it, and you can do this in several ways.
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Windows lets you move or copy menu items to any location on the All Programs submenu, as described in the previous section. Although this allows you to place them in any order that suits you, you might prefer to revert to a more orderly approach. You can ask Windows to resort a single submenu in its default order: folders in alphabetical order, followed by menu items in alphabetical order.
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Is your desktop application designed for a client/server architecture When you build a desktop database application, it s all too easy to design forms and reports that always display all records from your tables when the user opens them. It s also tempting to create combo boxes or list boxes that display all available values from a lookup table. These issues have little to no impact when you re the only user of the application or you share your application with only a few other users. However, fetching all rows by default can have serious performance implications when you have multiple users that need to share a large amount of data over a network. A successful client/server application fetches only the records required for the task at hand. You can design an application so that it never (or almost never) opens a form to edit data or a report to display data without first asking the user to specify the records needed for the task at hand. For example, the LawTrack Contacts application opens a list of available companies, contacts, or invoices from which the user can choose only the desired records. This application also offers a custom query-by-form search to filter specific records based on the criteria the user enters. You can also design the application so that it uses information about the current user to filter records. For example, the Housing Reservations database always filters employee and reservations data to display information only for the currently signed-on employee. When a department manager is signed on, the application shows data only for the current manager s department. Even so, the two main sample applications aren t perfect examples. Both applications use a ZIP code table that contains more than 50,000 records to help users enter valid address data, and this huge table is the row source for several combo boxes. In the desktop database version, each user has a local copy of the ZIP code table, so the performance impact is minimal. When I upsized the application to a project file (.adp) and SQL Server tables, I should have changed this design to use a text box for the postal code and then written additional code behind the form to perform a single-row lookup into this table on the server to fetch the related city, county, and state information. You ll learn later in this chapter how to do that. generate data matrix
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Sampler states bind sampler registers to sampler objects.
Lesson 1
Part 1: Part Title
CompositeControl MustInherit Class WebControl Properties Controls Methods DataBind New RecreateChildControls Render
After creating an application inventory, the next step is to prioritize the list . Prioritizing the application inventory is not a task that you perform unilaterally . Instead, you will want to involve other team members, management, and user representatives in the review of priorities . The priority levels you choose to use might include the following:
float4x4 WorldViewProj; float4 VertexShader_Tutorial_1(float4 inPos : POSITION) : POSITION { return mul(inPos, WorldViewProj); }
Stop-Process -name notepad
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Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption Encrypts all files on your system disk to help protect you from data theft if an attacker gains physical access to your hard disk All worldwide interface languages Makes deployment easier in enterprises with offices in different countries and cultures licensing rights to four virtual operating systems Makes it possible to run multiple versions of Windows within virtual machines perfect for testing software or for running applications that require earlier versions of Windows Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) Can be used to compile and run Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX (POSIX) applications in Windows
Lesson 2
Part 2: Building a Microsoft Access Desktop Application
The Save As dialog box opens.
Figure 12-10. Internet Explorer can export your favorites tree (or any branch of it) to an HTML file in which each Favorites subfolder becomes an outline heading and each exported favorite becomes a link.
CHapTER 25 Configuring Windows Networking
Part 8: Collaboration and Mobility
Familiarizing Yourself with
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