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Microsoft Office Word 2003 Inside Out
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Practice 1 Using virtual machines, create an Active Directory forest with two domain controllers in a domain named Contoso.com and one domain controller in a child domain called East.contoso.com. Choose the option to store both DNS zones in all DNS servers in the forest. View the zone data and then add a record manually to each zone. Force replication by using Active Directory Sites and Services. Practice 2 Using the same three-computer network, create a custom application directory partition on the domain controller in the East.contoso.com domain. Configure the zone to store its data in the newly created partition. Enlist only one of the domain controllers in the Contoso.com domain in the partition. Reboot each computer and then verify that the zone data is stored on only two of the three servers.
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Command-Line Examples
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Figure 38-18. Use the Top Level Folder Creation tab to control users ability to create public folders in the store.
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1. In the code editor, select btnWriteNested in the Control Name combo box, and then select Click in the Method Name combo box. Visual Studio adds the event handler to the code. 2. Add the following lines to the event handler: 3. Me.daCategories.Fill(Me.dsMaster1.Categories) 4. Me.daProducts.Fill(Me.dsMaster1.Products) 5. 6. Me.dsMaster1.Relations("CategoriesProducts").Nested = True 7. Me.dsMaster1.WriteXml("nestedData.xml", XmlWriteMode.IgnoreSchema) MessageBox.Show("Finished", "WriteXml Nested") The code sets the Nested property to True before writing it to the nestData.xml file. 8. Press F5 to run the application. 9. Click Write Nested. The application displays a message box after the file has been written.
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Subnet 2: Existing Computers
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When using remote mail, retrieve all items you have marked
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Scheduling Meetings and Resources
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d. T-1
Word receives the data as a block of HTML and creates a table, preserving the fonts, alignment properties, numeric formatting, text color, and shading of your original. In most, but not all, cases, this option (the default) is an adequate way to create a table in Word that matches the appearance of your Excel data. After you have performed the paste, you can use commands on Word s Table menu to modify such characteristics as column widths and the position of the table within surrounding text. (On the Table tab of the Table Properties dialog box, for example, you can specify whether Word should wrap text around the table if the table doesn t occupy the full width of your Word document.)
Obsolete; replaced by XmlReader.
Adding Visual Impact with Pictures and Objects object, click the spot where you want to add the object, and then choose Insert, Object. Click the Create From File tab, choose Browse, select the file you want to embed, and click Insert. Click OK to add the object.
Figure 37-11. Specify the Access 2007 le to import and how Outlook 2007 should handle duplicates during the import process.
Traditional hard disks are called basic disks in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and they have the same functionality that basic disks have always had, plus a few extras . You can create new partitions (called simple volumes in Windows Vista and Windows 7), delete partitions, and extend or shrink the existing partitions . The ability to extend or shrink an existing partition is an important new feature in Windows Vista and continues to be supported in Windows 7 . Dynamic disks, first introduced in Microsoft Windows 2000, provide all of the functionality of the basic disk, plus the ability to span a volume across multiple dynamic disks or stripe multiple dynamic disks to create a larger (and faster) volume . Dynamic disks present difficulties, however, because they are not accessible from operating systems other than the operating system instance that converted the disk to dynamic . This makes dynamic disks inaccessible in multiboot environments and makes recovering data more difficult in the event of partial hard disk failure . You should always use basic disks unless you have a specific requirement that can be met only by dynamic disks .
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Inside Out
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