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If the User is a standard user on his computer, the Helper will be able to perform only those actions on the User s computer that can be performed by a standard user on that computer . If the User is a local administrator on his computer, the Helper will be able to perform any actions on the User s computer that can be performed by a local administrator on that computer .
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An XmlDataSource, a Menu, and a Label control are added to the Web page. The XmlDataSource is configured to use the XML file. The Menu control is configured to use the XmlDataSource. The following is the Web page markup, showing every thing inside the form element:
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Using message classifications and rights management templates in transport rules
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lbl.Text += xcp.Message + "<br />"
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Authenticate As Guest When User Or Computer Information Is Unavailable. This choice is useful if guests will be allowed to access the wireless network. Authentication As Computer When Computer Information Is Available. This allows the computer to authenticate even if no one is logged on. This is a good thing if the computer must maintain a connection to the network. Computer Authentication. Within this drop-down list, three choices are possible:
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Part 4: Designing an Access Project
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Figure 6-8. Creating a Corporate Presence Web site initializes the FrontPage Tasks list (shown in the background) with a list of themes you need to complete manually. Changing the Value column in the foreground dialog box automatically updates references throughout the Corporate Presence Web site.
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Lesson 3
Understand the difference between a secure hash function, symmetric key, and asymmetric key
For more information about Tasks view, refer to Working with Tasks View, on page 1015.
Figure 39-5. The first step in the Windows SharePoint Services site configuration for a site installed with the Server Farm option is to configure the Administrative Virtual Server.
Server-to-server query (recursion)
Word work area. You can then enter your text to personalize the list, fax, or letter for your purposes. Tip Protect an open document If you have a document open in the Word window, the program will prompt you that it will be replaced and any unsaved changes will be lost. If you want to leave that document open but also create a new merge document from a template, click New Document before starting the Mail Merge Wizard.
= (equal sign) F2 Backspace Enter
the Panel.GroupingText property with a description of the controls in that panel
Part 1: Introducing Microsoft FrontPage 2003
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