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The term text values refers to any entry that is neither a number nor a numeric text value; the entry is treated as text only. You manipulate text values in the same way that you manipulate numeric values. For example, if cell A1 contains the text ABCDE and you type the formula =A1 in cell A10, cell A10 displays ABCDE. You can use the & (ampersand) operator to concatenate, or join, several text values. Extending the preceding example, if cell A2 contains the text FGHIJ and you type the formula =A1&A2 in cell A3, cell A3 displays ABCDEFGHIJ. To include a space between the two strings, change the formula to =A1&" "&A2. This formula uses two concatenation operators and a literal string, or string constant (a space enclosed in quotation marks). You can use the & operator to concatenate strings of numeric values as well. For example, if cell A3 contains the numeric value 123 and cell A4 contains the numeric value 456, the formula =A3&A4 produces the string 123456. This string is left aligned in the cell because it s considered a text value. (Remember, you can use numeric text values to perform any mathematical operation as long as the numeric string contains only the numeric characters listed on the previous page.) Finally, you can use the & operator to concatenate a text value and a numeric value. For example, if cell A1 contains the text ABCDE and cell A3 contains the numeric value 123, the formula =A1&A3 produces the string ABCDE123.
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Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Second Edition
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installation setting and configure Windows SharePoint Services to use the same configuration database as the first Web server by selecting the Connect To Existing Configuration Database option.
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Enables you to specify that a particular word or phrase is written in another language. If proofreading tools are installed for that language, Word uses the appropriate language dictionary to check the text. If a corresponding language dictio nary is not installed, Word will skip the specified words without marking them as potential errors.
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To create and configure a connection object 1. Use the procedure provided earlier in this lesson to create a connection object for Server1. Although you will receive a message stating that there is already a con nection from Server1 to the destination server, create another connection for this exercise. Name the connection object SERVER1. 2. Configure the connection object to use RPC protocol. Schedule the intrasite repli cation frequency for this connection object to be once per hour from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekdays. Leave the replication frequency for the remaining days and times as default.
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The Preview button in the lower right of Figure 6-34 is tremendously useful because it allows you to test the effectiveness of the filter that you ve just created. If Active Directory is populated with the correct values that you ve selected, you should see results similar to those shown in Figure 6-35.
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Configuring Remote Desktop Connection Using Notepad
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Figure A-5 shows a summary of the options selected through the installation process. Click ing Install installs the applications shown in the summary.
Part 6: Networking
On the Standard toolbar, click the Redo button to redo the last undone change (or click
Dsastat.exe compares and detects differences between directory partitions on domain controllers and can be used to ensure that domain controllers are up-to-date with one another. The tool retrieves capacity statistics such as megabytes per server, objects per server, and megabytes per object class, and compares the attributes of replicated objects. Dsastat has the following syntax:
2 Select the RoomNumber text box and shrink its width to about .6 inches. (You can set
3. In the Custom Search Folder dialog box, shown in Figure 5-9, type a name for the search folder in the Name eld.
Click the All Files link in the Site Summary report. Choose Reports from the View menu, and then choose Files and All Files from the
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