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You can configure the Printer Driver Isolation mode for a printer driver from under the All Drivers node, a custom driver filter node, or the Drivers node for a print server . To configure the Driver Isolation mode for a printer driver, right-click the driver and select Set Driver Isolation from the context menu (see Figure 18-4) . Doing this displays four choices:
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Part 1: Understanding Microsoft Access
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tons and selecting the outline levels you want to see.
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2008 R2, you can use the add Features Wizard to add the Windows TIFF IFilter feature so you can enable the indexing of text in TIFF image documents stored on the server.
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For information about MSIa, visit http://www.microsoft.com/resources/sam
Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() Dim i As Long i = MultiPage1.Value + 1 If i < MultiPage1.Pages.Count Then MultiPage1.Value = i End If End Sub
Practice 1
Analyzing Data with PivotTable Reports Note The examples in this chapter make use of the files Books.xls, Books By Quarter.xls, Pacific Sales Staff.xls, and Transactions.xls, all of which are included on the companion CD. You can use these files for reference or to practice the examples in this chapter. In Figure 30-2, the Year and Quarter fields have been positioned along the table s column axis, and the CatalogNo and Channel fields have taken up positions along the row axis. The body of the table displays the total sales numbers for each column-and-row intersection. Cell H6, for example, shows that the total domestic sales in the first quarter for the book whose catalog number is 23524 were negative $488 meaning that returns outnumbered sales for that title, in that time period, in that distribution channel. Excel displays a field-list window along with the PivotTable. The six fields of the list in Figure 30-1 appear in this window. Rearranging the PivotTable is as simple as dragging field headings from this window into new positions. Tip
Making Styles Work for You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 270
Desktop Services policy setting
Aligns the cell s contents to the top of the cell. Any white space appears at the bottom. Distributes any vertical white space half above and half below the cell s contents.
The integrity of data within the database is of the utmost importance if there is a physical page corruption, it is important to know about it so that something can be done. Often this type of corruption is due to a problem with the underlying storage. In Exchange Server 2007 RTM and earlier versions, each page was scanned during backups using the streaming API. With the deprecation of the streaming backup API in Exchange Server 2007 and the removal of it in Exchange Server 2010, another facility to ensure data integrity was needed. In Exchange Server 2007 SP1 an option was introduced to run a database checksum during the scheduled online maintenance window. In Exchange Server 2010, the default setting allows the online database scanning to run in the background continuously. Alternatively, the online database scan process can be set to run only during the schedule online maintenance window; however, because of the time it takes to complete, this is only recommended for databases smaller than 1 terabyte (TB). The best practice is to leave the default setting and allow the scanning to run continuously.
The owner s public key The owner s name or alias A certificate expiration date A certificate serial number The name of the certificate issuer The digital signature of the issuer
report to display related information. You cannot embed a query in a form or report.
3rd Party Callouts for AV, IDS, NAT, etc.
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