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The lead-in character for a choice of HTML attributes values is the equal sign that
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"PrepareDomain for domain na.litwareinc.com has partially completed. Because of the Active Directory site configuration, you must wait at least 15 minutes for replication to occur, and run PrepareDomain for na.litwareinc.com again." "Active Directory operation failed on Fresno-DC01.na.litwareinc.com. This error is not retriable. Additional information: The specified group type is invalid. Active Directory response: 00002141: SvcErr: DSID-031A0FC0, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_ PERFORM), data 0 The server cannot handle directory requests."
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Recording e-mail to and from colleagues in the journal is a great way to keep track of discussions and decisions concerning a project, and it s easy to locate those messages later. To record e-mail messages exchanged with a speci c contact, follow these steps: 1. In Outlook 2007, choose Tools, Options, and then click Journal Options on the Preferences tab to open the Journal Options dialog box. 2. In the Automatically Record These Items list, select the E-Mail Message check box. 3. In the For These Contacts list, select the contact whose e-mail you want to record. 4. Click OK twice to close both dialog boxes.
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Set cb = cp.Controls.Add(msoControlButton)
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If you remove the first character from the regular expression, you drastically change the meaning of the pattern. The regular expression \d{5}$ still matches valid five-digit numbers, such as 12345. However, it also matches the input string abcd12345 or drop table customers 12345. In fact, the modified regular expression will match any input string that ends in any five-digit number.
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4 Reenable the Event Log service, and start the service. 5 If the Event Log service doesn t restart successfully, then restart Windows XP.
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Impersonation, a concept that indicates a process can run under different security credentials, is basic to all Windows operating systems. Impersonation becomes especially interesting when applied to application pools. Although a worker pro cess runs in its application pool under the application pool identity, it also is allowed to impersonate its own or run under security credentials different from its own base identity. When a worker process is created, it is given a process token associated with the application pool identity, and by default, everything the worker process does is done using this context. It can do only what it has been given the rights and permissions to do. However, if a user request is processed (that is, if a user accesses the Web site in the application pool), the thread (which can be one of many a process utilizes) that services the request is given a token associated with the user: the authenticated user s token. For each action (such as reading a Web page or executing a script) that the user attempts, her token is val idated against the ACL of the resource. This concept is extended as well if the request involves the use of an ISAPI extension. Hence, NTFS permissions must be set to allow or restrict users and the application pool identity. If this concept is misunderstood, it can result in a compatibility problem. For example, it can result in Web applications that will not run, except for running anonymously or when using the administrator account. Unfortunately, this could result in an unsophisticated IT administrator, in an attempt to solve the compati bility problem, giving users who must run the application membership in the local administrators group on the Web server. To prevent this situation, applica tion designers, Web site administrators, as well as domain administrators should be educated on the application identity concept and the correct configuration for any Web applications should be well documented. In addition, applications should be tested using accounts other than that of an administrator to ensure that once deployed, they will work correctly for all authorized users.
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The deployment share tells Windows Setup how to install and configure Windows 7 on the destination computers . It includes the settings (answer file) as well as device drivers and packages that you want to add to the operating system . It might also contain applications that you want to install . A common way to deliver operating systems to users is to create an image of the desired configuration . This is particularly true when the deployment share includes other files, such as applications . Creating an image that you install on each destination computer is quicker and more efficient than installing the uncustomized Windows 7 image and then installing applications on each destination computer . Sysprep prepares a Windows 7 installation for imaging or delivery to end users . Sysprep removes all user-specific information from a system and resets any system-specific security identifiers (SIDs) to allow the system to be duplicated . Once duplicated, systems using the duplicated image will register their own SIDs with the domain in which they are deployed . Sysprep has several command-line options to control its behavior, listed in Table 6-8 .
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After you set the password, create a POP3 account in Outlook using the settings described in the following list:
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You change the color and fill pattern of a cell by setting the properties of the Interior object, which is referenced by the Interior property of a cell. Table 10-7 lists the properties of the Interior object.
name, and then click the Add button. The Styles group is added to the My Commands tab.
1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The computer running Windows Server 2008 will need to make outbound connections on TCP port 290; however, Windows Firewall allows outbound connections by default. Therefore, you do not need to create a firewall rule. B. Correct: By default, Windows Server 2008 will block inbound connections that do not have a firewall rule. There is no firewall rule for TCP port 39 by default. Therefore, you will need to add one. C. Incorrect: The computer running Windows Server 2008 needs to make outbound connections on TCP port 290, but it does not need to allow inbound connections on that port. D. Incorrect: Windows Vista allows any outbound connection by default. Therefore, you do not need to create a firewall rule to allow outbound connections. 2. Correct Answers: A and C A. Correct: Selecting Allow Only Secure Connections requires IPsec, which you must use to require domain authentication at the firewall level. B. Incorrect: Specifying a profile for the firewall rule simply means the rule won t apply if the server isn t connected to the domain network. You can t use profiles to require client connection authentication. C. Correct: After requiring IPsec on the General tab, you can use this tab to limit connections only to users who are members of specific groups. D. Incorrect: Configuring scope can be a very powerful tool for limiting connections from users. Although it might be advisable to also limit scope to connections from client computers on your internal network, that doesn t necessarily require users to be a member of your domain. Additionally, you would need to configure the Remote IP Address settings, not the Local IP Address settings. 3. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Both Windows XP (configured using the Windows Firewall node) and Windows Vista (configured using either the Windows Firewall node or the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security node) support filtering UDP traffic. B. Incorrect: Both the Windows Firewall and the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security nodes support creating a rule for an executable. C. Incorrect: Both the Windows Firewall and the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security nodes support configuring scope for a rule.
Using Active Directory based Group Policy is the preferred method. In addition to reducing the administrative load, by using Group Policy you can ensure that the configuration is applied uniformly across all clients in a given Active Directory container.
Add Workstations To Domain By default, all authenticated users have the right to add up to ten computer accounts to an Active Directory domain. Adding an account creates a new computer object in the Computers container. Computer accounts are full security principals in Windows Server 2003, able to authenticate and access domain resources. This right can allow any authenticated user to create unauthorized domain worksta tions that an intruder could use when the computer account is idle. Many large network installations rely on IT support personnel to install new workstations and manually create new computer objects. In this case, you can revoke the Authenti cated Users group s Add Workstations To Domain right without causing problems. Allow Log On Locally The Allow Log On Locally user right enables specified users and groups to log on to the computer interactively from the console. Obviously, users with this right have access to many important operating system elements, and could cause
Outlook 2007 doesn t automatically close the message window when you cast a vote, which makes it easy to accidentally vote more than once. You must close the message window manually.
You can double-click most of the items in the Reading Pane header to see detailed informa tion about the item. For example, you can double-click the name in the From field to display information about the sender (see Figure 3-3). Use this method to quickly copy contact information about the sender from the message to your Personal Address Book. You can also double-click attachments to open them. Right-clicking an item opens its shortcut menu, from which you can choose a variety of actions to perform on the item for instance, you can right-click an attachment and choose Save As to save the attachment to disk. Experiment by right-clicking items in the Reading Pane to see which actions you can take for specific items. Tip
to stick with what you know.
Remote Assistance sessions can be initiated from either the UI or the command line . A significant usability enhancement, from the perspective of support personnel, is that Offer RA is no longer buried within Help And Support as it is in Windows XP, but instead is easily accessible now from the graphical user interface (GUI) .
The major difference between the Standard edition and the Enterprise edition is the number of mounted mailbox databases on that server. You also can create DAGs with an Exchange 2010 Standard edition, but remember that you need a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition as an operating system to get the cluster features needed for DAGs. As a guideline, you can use Standard editions for all server roles and you need only to plan for Enterprise editions at mailbox servers that will have more than five databases mounted at the same time. This licensing model allows you also to start with a Standard edition, and when you require it purchase an Enterprise edition.
Handle control events in the master or content page that contains the control. Nested master pages fit into the ContentPlaceHolder controls on a master page but can contain other content pages. To create a nested master page, add a master attribute to the @ Master page declaration and specify the parent master page. To programmatically change the master page for a content page, set the page s MasterPageFile property and reload the page.
Be sure to understand the circumstances in which clients use auto-enrollment and manual enrollment, and to be familiar with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins used to manage certificates and certification authorities.
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The BIOS on the startup SCSI controller is enabled .
You can also check for multiple conditions using Boolean operators: Not, And (True if both values are True), Or (True if either value is True), Xor (True if exactly one value is True), Eqv (True if both values are the same), and Imp (True if the left term is False or the right term is True). The following example demonstrates these Bool ean operators:
Early planning is important to a successful Windows 7 deployment project . Although MDT 2010 provides the technology framework for deploying Windows 7, MOF 4 .0 contains the most comprehensive deployment planning guidance from Microsoft . It includes proven best practices from Microsoft s own experience and that of its partners and its customers . Planning to deploy Windows 7 is a far larger initiative than just figuring out how to install the operating system . Key planning topics include compatibility testing, application packaging, image engineering, user state migration, security, and deployment . This Resource Kit, MDT 2010, and MOF 4 .0 help you plan and develop solutions for each of these topics .
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