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Part 2: Reinforcing Your Message with Tables, Charts, Diagrams, and Pictures
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primary partitions on basic GpT disks. For basic MBR disks, the first three volumes created will be primary partitions. The fourth simple volume on a basic MBR disk is created as an extended partition and a logical drive. Further simple volumes on the basic MBR disk are logical drives.
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Lesson 3: Encrypting and Decrypting Data
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Deploying Printers Using group Policy
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Figure 27-61. Using the Data Connection Wizard to create a new data source file.
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displays the Voice Training Wizard, shown in Figure B-3, and allows you to further train your computer to recognize your voice.
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Working with Other Microsoft Office Programs
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4 In the message area, type a message. 5 Click Send.
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After you collect the results, you can compare the data with Table 3-1 to identify how to classify your client profile according to Microsoft s most common client profiles. code 39 generator source
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Table 11-2
emote assistance invitation files (.MsRcIncident) are XML-formatted file documents that include information used by the Helper s computer that will attempt
The Recorded Macro and Creating Charts The recorded macro generates code that is reasonably efficient. However, manipulating the chart is easier if the chart is created as an object. The following example displays the recorded macro, which uses the Add method to create a new chart. The macro defines the ChartType property and then uses the SetSourceData method to define the ranges plotted on the chart. The Location property defines the chart as a chart sheet and assigns the name Product Sales to the sheet. Then the macro sets the HasTitle property to True so that it can define the ChartTitle property. Finally, the code sets the HasTitle property of the axes back to False, which is an unnecessary step.
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 4, Converting Between Types. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Figure 21-16. Padding surrounds a Web page object and matches its background. Margins surround the padding and match the exterior background. Borders, if specified, appear where the two meet.
Managing Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
The SqlBulkCopy object is new in version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.
Figure 11-2. The default Start menu places frequently used programs on the left side and frequently used folders on the right side.
Because of the growing popularity of multifunction devices, such as printer/copier/fax /scanners, the PnP architecture has been enhanced in Windows 7 to support the detecting and grouping together of the different functions that a device supports . This new feature is called device container, a new PnP device property that groups device functions together into a single container representing the physical device . Device containers preserve the existing devnode model of Windows while providing users with a more natural representation of a physical device . (A devnode is an internal structure that represents a device on a system . It contains the device stack and information about whether the device has been started and which drivers have registered for notification on the device . Each device on a computer has a devnode, and these devnodes are organized into a hierarchical device tree . The Plug and Play Manager creates a devnode for a device when the device is configured .) By using device containers, a multifunction device such as a printer/copier/fax/scanner can be presented to the user as a single device icon in the Devices And Printers folder (and also in the Device Stage interface if this is supported by the device) . Device containers are identified by a container ID, which is a globally unique identifier (GUID) that is individual to each physical device . The container ID for a device is generated automatically by PnP . All devnodes belonging to the device container on a given bus share the same container ID .
In Outlook 2007, the ability to lter a view is an extremely powerful feature that gives you considerable control over the data displayed in a given view. For example, you might have hundreds of messages in your Inbox and need to lter the view to show only those messages from a particular sender. You could simply sort the Inbox by the From eld and scan the list of messages, but you might want to re ne the search a little, perhaps viewing only messages from a speci c sender that have an attachment and were sent within the previous week. Filters allow you to do just that. To con gure a lter, click Filter in the Customize View dialog box to open the Filter dialog box, shown in Figure 27-11. This multitabbed dialog box lets you specify multiple conditions to de ne which items will appear in the view.
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