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Windows 7 Improvements by CHapTER 1
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.Axes(xlSeries).AxisTitle.Characters.Text = "Category"
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you configure the UM dial plan for OCS connectivity, you select SIp dial plan as the UrI type and you still need to configure the number of digits in extension numbers for the UM dial plan. Many of the administrators I talk to would not expect to be asked for an extension number in an OCS- and UM-only scenario. When you think about it, it s quite logical. You need a unique identifier when someone calls his voice mail from outside the company, and needs to select his own voice mail box. This is when the extension number comes into the game. You are free to assign your own extension numbers, just make sure when you create the UM dial plan, the amount of digits suits your needs. If you deploy 120 users for UM, use only three digits. Fewer digits mean fewer numbers to remember for your users. qr code reader
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3. In the Properties dialog box for the GPO, click the Security tab, shown previously in Figure 10-14, and then click the security group through which to filter this GPO. If you need to change the list of security groups through which to filter this GPO, you can add or remove security groups using Add and Remove. 4. Set the permissions as shown in Table 10-4, and then click OK.
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Select any instance of the field you want to format, and then choose Conditional
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emote connectivity is an important aspect of enterprise networking, and the Windows 7 operating system includes several features for making such connectivity faster, easier to use, and simpler to manage . This chapter examines the remote access capabilities of Windows 7, including virtual private networks (VPNs), DirectAccess, BranchCache, and Remote Desktop .
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application categories for your organization It s easier for users to find an application in Add Or Remove Programs in Control Panel when you use categories. advantage of authoring tools Developers familiar with the files, registry entries, and other requirements for an application to work properly can author native Windows Installer packages using tools available from various software vendors.
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To delete one or more group members, use the same syntax, replacing the /Add switch with /Delete.
Planning Exchange Deployment Projects
Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out Tip Access recognizes several different formats for date parameters. For example, for the first day in 2003, you can enter any of the following.
If you are an administrator on a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) network, you
FIGURE 17-13 Queue Viewer
Using Volume Activation
4. In the Expand/Collapse Defaults drop-down list, select All Collapsed. Click OK twice to return to the view you just created. 5. Expand the group that includes the item you want to change. 6. Open one of the contacts, make the needed change, and then save and close the contact. This contact now appears by itself under a different group. 7. To propagate the change, drag the gray grouping bar for the unchanged contacts to the grouping bar for the modi ed contact. Outlook 2007 makes the change to the other contacts automatically. Changing multiple items at one time is easy as long as you remember that you need to rst display a table view and then group it by the item you want to change. You can either customize an existing view or create a new one. If you customize an existing standard view, you can restore it to its default condition by clicking View, Arrange By, Current View, De ne Views, selecting the view, and then clicking Reset.
Changes you make in the expanded Remote Desktop Connection dialog box are automatically saved in %UserProfile%\My Documents\Default.rdp, and they re automatically used the next time you open Remote Desktop Connection. But you might want to have several different Remote Desktop Connection configurations for connections to different computers. If you have a portable computer, you might want different settings for use with different connections to the same computer (for example, dial-up versus LAN).
Figure 39-21. On the Personal tab you set your phone numbers and default information manager.
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