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A common mistake I see is that developers use query strings to allow users to navigate search results but do not validate the query strings properly. Often, query strings for search results have query strings for the search terms, the num ber of results per page, and the current page numbers. If you don t validate the query string, the user can set the number of results per page to a huge number, such as 10,000. Processing thousands of search results can take several seconds of your server s processing time and cause your server to transmit a very large HTML page. This makes it very easy for an attacker to perform a denial-of-service attack on your Web application by requesting the search page repeatedly. Don t ever trust values from a query string; they must always be validated. To write query string values, modify the URL for any hyperlink the user might click. For example, if you have a HyperLink control with NavigateUrl defined as page.aspx, you can add the string user=tony to the HyperLink.NavigateUrl property so that the full URL is page.aspx user=tony. Separate multiple query string values with amper sands (&). For example, the URL page.aspx user=tony&prefs=1&page=1252 passes three query string values to Page.aspx: user (with a value of tony ), prefs (with a value of 1), and page (with a value of 1252). One of the biggest drawbacks to using query strings is that there are no tools built into the .NET Framework to simplify the creation of query strings. You must manually add query string values to every hyperlink that the user might click. To read a query string value, access the Request.QueryStrings collection just like you would access a cookie. To continue the previous example, the page.aspx page could process the user query string by accessing Request.QueryStrings("user") in Visual Basic or Request.QueryStrings["user"] in C#. For example, the following code displays values for the user, prefs, and page query strings in the Label1 control:
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Support Information
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Table 23-9.
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create the team Web site, where the shared document will actually be stored.
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Creating Custom Forms from Scratch
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If you create a new sharing policy, you will have to apply it to mailboxes using the Set-Mailbox cmdlet. For example:
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4. Next, add code to prompt the user to select a volume to browse and use that input to create a DirectoryInfo instance. For example, the following code prompts the user to type the drive letter associated with the volume:
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Windows-based computers, for example, 20 colors are reserved for use by Windows so that window borders, menu bars, button faces, and other elements of the user interface maintain a consistent appearance. This leaves only 236 colors that can be adjusted to match those in a picture.
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Initializing the Render States
Par t 5: Collaborating Online and on Team Projects
Part 3: The Excel Object Model
Figure 7-15. Select a folder and then set its parameters in the Send/Receive Settings dialog box.
Page 9-59
c. Intermediary CA publication locations. Because they are online, default locations will work;
Lesson Summary
Building Reports in an Access Project companies that have names beginning with the letter T, enter the following in the Input Parameters property:
Using HTML Tables for Page Layout In Figure 19-14, the insertion point was in the cell numbered 5 when the Web designer inserted a cell. The new cell appeared between existing cells 4 and 5.
Modifying an XML Document
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