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Windows Server 2008 R2 is Shared, whereas the default driver Isolation mode for virtual printer drivers (such as the Microsoft XpS Document Writer), fax, and print-to-file drivers (such as print To OneNote) is None. Group policy and .inf settings can override these System Default driver isolation settings. For more information, see the section titled Configuring printer Driver Isolation Mode later in this chapter.
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Be able to move objects within an OU hierarchy.
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13. Press Ctrl+F5 to open your page in a Web browser. From the drop-down list, select English. The page reloads and displays the English greeting. Select Span ish again and notice that the page changes back to Spanish. The drop-down list and your implementation of InitializeCulture allow ASP.NET to automatically select the browser s preferred language, while giving users the option of overrid ing the default choice. 14. Repeat step 8 to reconfigure Internet Explorer to your normal language settings.
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In the following case scenarios, you apply what you ve learned about how to log application data and manage computer systems. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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2 Click the square of the color you want to replace, and then click Modify. If you see the color you want in the Colors dialog box that appears, click it and then click OK. If you don t see the color you want, click the Custom tab. 3 Verify that RGB is selected in the Color Model list box. 4 Type the red, blue, and green components of your color in the appropriate boxes.
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Part 1: Part Title
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The Finishing Touches If you clear the Display Database Window check box, Access hides the Database window when your application starts. (As you ll learn later, you can also write code that executes in your startup form to ensure that the Database window is hidden.) You can also hide the status bar if you want to by clearing the Display Status Bar check box. I like to use the SysCmd function to display information on the status bar, so I usually leave the Display Status Bar option selected. Access has a set of condensed built-in menus that don t provide, for example, access to design commands. If you clear the Allow Full Menus check box, Access provides these shortened menus as the default. You can also hide all the built-in toolbars (you should provide your own custom toolbars in this case), disallow toolbar changes, and disallow the default shortcut menus. Finally, you can disable special keys such as F11 to reveal the Database window, Ctrl+G to open the Debug window, or Ctrl+Break to halt code execution by clearing the Use Access Special Keys check box. As you can see, you have many powerful options for customizing how your application starts and how it operates.
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Part 10: Collaborating with Teams and Workgroups
Require authentication, use permissions on shares, use permissions on fold ers, and use permissions on files. Use a firewall, use gateway filters for e-mail, harden servers and client com puters, train administrators, train users, and create an incident response team.
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manage-bde -on C: -RecoveryKey Y: -RecoveryPassword BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool version 6.1.7100 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Volume C: [] [OS Volume] Key Protectors Added: Saved to directory Y:\ External Key: ID: {7B7E1BD1-E579-4F6A-8B9C-AEB626FE08CC} External Key File Name: 7B7E1BD1-E579-4F6A-8B9C-AEB626FE08CC.BEK Numerical Password: ID: {75A76E33-740E-41C4-BD41-48BDB08FE755} Password: 460559-421212-096877-553201-389444-471801-362252-086284 TPM: ID: {E6164F0E-8F85-4649-B6BD-77090D49DE0E} ACTIONS REQUIRED: 1. Save this numerical recovery password in a secure location away from your computer: 460559-421212-096877-553201-389444-471801-362252-086284 To prevent data loss, save this password immediately. This password helps ensure that you can unlock the encrypted volume.
CHapTER 31 Troubleshooting Network Issues
Figure 26-21. If you re comfortable editing HTML source code and working with CSS code, you can make changes directly to a Web page s embedded cascading style sheet.
Part 6: Formatting Your Web Pages
validate that replication is proceeding as normal within the DAG. Unless the database copies have been offline for an extended period during which the active database was very busy, you should not need to reseed the database copies because normal replication processing will perform an incremental reseed to bring the passive databases up to date. An alternative and simpler approach that has been used effectively is as follows:
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