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Part 3: Formatting and Editing Worksheets
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Figure 10-6. The Microsoft Clip Organizer searches for pictures and other media files. It can also add, rearrange, and delete individual files or entire collections within the gallery.
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Predict threats to your network from internal and external sources. Design a process for responding to incidents. Design a process for recovering services. Identify capabilities of existing infrastructure. Identify technology limitations. Analyze interoperability constraints.
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Figure 13-7. The selected function appears in the Function Arguments dialog box, where you can find more information about the function and each selected argument.
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All the reports in the sample databases are set to print to the system default printer. The default printer on your system is probably not the same printer that I used as a default when I designed the report. Some of the sample reports are designed with margins other than the default of 1 inch on all sides. If your default printer cannot print as close to the edge of the paper as the report is designed, Access will adjust the margins to the minimums for your printer. This means that some reports might not appear exactly as you see them in the book, and some data might appear on different pages.
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Appendix B
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list that appears on the left, and the select the hit counter appearance you want from the Choose A Counter Style list on the right.
Microsoft Office Word 2003 Inside Out Tip Plan your margins for double-sided printing If you ll be binding the document you create, be sure to specify a gutter margin large enough to accommodate the binding. If your document is printed single-sided, every gut ter margin will show the spacing you enter along the left margin. If your document is to be printed double-sided, display the Page Setup dialog box, click the Multiple Pages arrow, and then choose Mirror Margins to make sure that the margin settings are applied to the left and right interior margins. For more information about printing, see 3, Print ing with Precision.
How to Attach Files
When you want to create a border that has a more dramatic look than a simple line, you can take matters into your own hands using the Borders And Shading dialog box. By setting the options in this dialog box, you can choose a variety of looks for your border (including 3-D and shadow effects) and change the style, color, and width of the lines you use. You can also create partial borders by selecting only the line segments you want to display. To create a customized border, begin by placing the insertion point where you want the bor der to begin or by selecting the data around which you want to create the border. Then choose Format, Borders And Shading. The Borders And Shading dialog box appears as shown in Figure 18-2.
See Working with Functions in Tables, in 13.
You can also edit the contents of cells without using the formula bar. By double-clicking a cell, you can perform any formula-bar editing procedure directly in the cell. The added advantage of editing formulas in the cell is that Excel gives you visual aids called range finders to help you audit, as shown in Figure 7-18, where we obviously have a problem with our SUM formula.
Understanding USMT Components . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .238 Scanstate .exe Loadstate .exe Migration Files 239 239 240
The New Workbook dialog box opens.
Adding, deleting, updating, and modifying schemas, solutions, and settings in the Schema Library
Publishing your calendar information makes it possible for others to see your free/busy times in Outlook 2007 when they need to schedule meetings with you or view or manage your calendar. Likewise, the free/busy times of people who publish their calendar information, and who give you access to that information, are visible to you in Outlook 2007. The ability to publish free/busy information to Web servers therefore brings group scheduling capabilities to Outlook 2007 users who do not have access to Exchange Server.
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