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You can do the same for Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). This will almost certainly be set up for automatic configuration. It is most unlikely that you will need to configure IPv6 manually or that IPv6 configuration will feature in the 70-620 examination. In a wireless SOHO you typically connect your wireless router sometimes known as a wireless access point (WAP) to your cable or dial-up modem. The other devices on your network for example, computers or printers then connect to the WAP. In this case the computers on the network all connect to the Internet through the WAP. You can use a third-party WAP or configure a Wi-Fi enabled Windows Vista computer to implement wireless access. A thirdparty WAP is configured by default to provide TCP/IP configuration; a Wi-Fi enabled Windows Vista computer is configured to provide TCP/IP configuration through ICS. If you are setting up from scratch, you are using a third-party WAP, and your ISP does not provide a modem, you can purchase a combined modem and WAP.
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Open the Baseline GPO you created earlier in this chapter and enable the Audit: Force Audit Policy Subcategory Settings (Windows Vista or Later) To Override Audit Policy Category Settings policy in the Computer Configuration\ Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options container.
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D. Open the folder, locate the file, and drag it to a different folder.
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public override object InitializeLifetimeService() { ILease lease = (ILease) base.InitializeLifetimeService(); if (lease.CurrentState == LeaseState.Initial) { lease.InitialLeaseTime = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(15); lease.RenewOnCallTime = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5); }
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Backup options are configured by choosing the Options command from the Tools menu. Many of these options configure defaults that are used by the Backup Utility and the command-line backup tool, Ntbackup. Those settings can be overridden by options of a specific job.
// Code that can only be run by Administrators } <PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role:="BUILTIN\Administrators )> _ Private Sub AdministratorsOnlyMethod () Code that can only be run by Administrators End Sub
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Lesson 3: Creating and Modifying Dimensions
Lesson 3: Recovering from Database Disaster
Deploy Default Accelerators
EXEC sp_spaceused @objname = 'Test.Customers' ,@updateusage = 'true';
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Troubleshooting data issues can be frustrating, especially when you are not able to easily identify the problem row or issue. Therefore, SSIS also includes the capability to watch rows in the data flow as they are passing through the pipeline. SSIS implements this capability through data viewers, a feature you can use when you are running packages in BIDS during development. For any path in the data flow, you can add a data viewer that pauses the execution of the data flow and displays the data in the data viewer in one of four formats. You add a data viewer by right-clicking the path and then clicking Data Viewers. Figure 2-14 shows the Data Flow Path Editor dialog box with the Data Viewers tab selected.
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