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For this task, you practice configuring the attack surface, along with creating logins that conform to a domain password policy.
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So far we know what serviced components can do, how to make one, and how to reg ister one. In this section we get into how to leverage the functionality offered by Enter prise Services. Most of the serviced component features are applied by using .NET Framework attributes. When a service is called, the associated attribute is set to inform the run time about the required COM+ service. The .NET Framework attributes cause COM+ configuration to be stored in the COM+ catalog when the assembly is regis tered. These attributes inform the COM+ hosting environment how to interact with
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Let s implement the validation of the phone number as a combination of a check constraint and a foreign key constraint. You use the first version of the UDF (the one without the subquery) with a foreign key. How can you implement the foreign key You want it to check the area code only against the Test.AreaCodes table, not the entire phone number. You do this by implementing a computed column that returns only the area code portion of the phone number. You need to do a couple of things to make it possible to create the foreign key shown in the example. The result of the expression in the AreaCode column must be of the same data type as the column that the foreign key references, CHAR(3). You ensure this by calling the CAST function in the AreaCode expression.
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Resolve Issues Related to Office Application Support Features
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Correct Answers: A and C A. Correct: PathPing is a command-line tool for tracing routes through TCP/IP networks. It combines features of both Ping.exe and Tracert.exe and provides additional information that neither offers. It is an excellent tool for troubleshooting routing problems. B. Incorrect: You use the Arp tool to view, edit, and clear the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache on the local computer. Arp is used to map IP addresses to media access control (MAC) addresses of specific network adapters on the same network segment. It does not provide any information about routing IP traffic to other network segments and therefore is not an appropriate tool for this scenario. C. Correct: Tracert is a command-line, route-tracing tool that repeatedly sends Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo Request messages with increasingly larger time-to-live values to map out the route from the local computer to the one specified in the command. It is an ideal tool for diagnosing routing problems. D. Incorrect: Ping is a command-line tool for verifying IP connectivity. The Ping tool can be used to verify that your computer can communicate with another host on the network, but it does not provide information about the route taken across the network and therefore is not an appropriate tool to use in this scenario. E. Incorrect: Ipconfig is a command-line tool for reviewing the current IP addressing configuration for the local computer. It is not used for troubleshooting problems on the network.
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Page 8-28
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Remove database mirroring.
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1. Set the Text property of the LinkLabel control to an appropriate value that indi cates the link destination (for example, Shipping Form or Microsoft Web Site). 2. In the Designer, double-click the LinkLabel to create a LinkLabel.LinkClicked event handler. 3. Write the appropriate code to open a new Web page or to display a new form. Set the LinkVisited property of the LinkLabel to True. An example is shown here. This example assumes you have a LinkLabel control named LinkLabel1 and a form named ShippingForm in your project.
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Adding legacy hardware using the Add Hardware Wizard
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Installing Windows XP Professional
For more information about application directory partitions and domain controller demotion, see
In this exercise, you create a console application that encrypts files using a password. 1. Create a new console application in either Visual Basic or C#. 2. Add the System.Security.Cryptography and System.IO namespaces to your project. 3. Add code to read the command-line parameters into strings. If you are using Visual Basic, you will have to change the Main parameter declaration to accept an array of strings for example, Sub Main(ByVal args As String()) . The following code would work, though you should add error handling that displays usage information if the user does not provide the correct parameters:
The LOAD command loads a hive file into a temporary key. You reference the hive file's keys and values through the temporary key you specify on the command line. This command is similar to 212
Directory access You can view files in the root directory, in %Windir% and in the \Cmdcons folder. Disable this limitation by setting the policy Allow Floppy Copy And Access To All Drives And All Folders and using the command set AllowAllPaths = true. Be sure to include the space on either side of the equal sign when typing the set command. File copy You can copy files only to the local hard disk, not from it. Use the policy mentioned above and the command set AllowRemovableMedia = true. Be sure to include the space on either side of the equal sign when typing the set command. Wild cards You cannot use wildcards such as the asterisk to delete files. Implement the policy mentioned above, and then, in the Recovery Console, type the command set AllowWildCards = true. Be sure to include the space on either side of the equal sign when typing the set command.
In the first part of the practice, you make a snapshot of the AdventureWorks database. You will call this snapshot Adventureworks_dbss01. In the second part of the practice, you restore the database to the state it was in when you took the snapshot. 1. If necessary, open SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the appropriate instance, and expand the Databases folder. 2. Right-click the AdventureWorks database and choose New Query. 3. In the new Query window, enter the following:
the columns that are returned from the table-valued function. CROSS APPLY Returns only rows from the outer table that produces a result set. To understand how the APPLY operator works; assume you wanted to return the total due on purchase orders for all employees in a certain year. To use the CROSS APPLY operator to accomplish this, you would first create a table-valued function, such as the following:
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