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The list of results allows you to select an object and, from the File menu or the shortcut menu, perform common tasks on the selected object. Many administrators appreciate learning that you can use the Manage command to open the Computer Management console and connect directly to that computer, allowing you to examine its event logs, device manager, system information, disk and service configuration, or local user or group accounts.
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Figure 12-4 Input should be validated before it is passed to SQL Server.
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When you select controls, you need to have two things in mind: a good understanding of the controls available to you and the task the user is trying to accomplish with the control. The first item we will cover in a moment. The second item we will consider here. When you think about using a control, think about the user (and not how easy or difficult it might make your development effort). The user is trying to accomplish a specific task with a given control or set of controls. You need to consider how easy the control will make the task and how familiar the user is with the control. For example, if your users use the keyboard a lot and require fast data entry, you might consider using TextBox controls and AutoComplete features instead of allowing users to select data from a list. This will speed their data entry. A list selection will slow them down. On the other hand, if users are not familiar with your application and require simple, can t-get-itwrong data entry, then a list selection might be in order. You need to know the behavior and demographics of the users and create the right controls based on this information.
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Printer The physical device that performs the printing. This device is usually a printer, but it can also be a fax device or a plotter. Logical printer The software configuration that is created in Windows XP and is represented by an icon in the Printers And Faxes window. The logical printer controls the printer s configuration and the way in which Windows sends docu ments to the printer.
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Designing Lite-Touch and Zero-Touch Deployments
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When users need to check e-mail from more than one computer, you can config ure an e-mail account on a second computer to leave a copy of messages on a server after e-mail is checked. End users often ask for help configuring composition options. Several options are available, including formatting, spelling and grammatical editing, and creating signatures. Outlook Express can be used to create an .iaf, or Internet Accounts file, to back up and store information about the mail folders and mail and news account settings for a single Outlook Express identity.
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Hardening ASP.NET Applications
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Practice 3 Write a client/server application that encrypts files on the client
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Recover files that were accidentally deleted. Recover from accidentally overwriting a file. Compare versions of files while working.
The IPSec Settings tab allows you to configure how a Windows Vista computer establishes IPSec connections to other computers. IPSec is a technology that is used to encrypt network traffic in order to protect it from interception. Clicking Customize in the IPSec Settings tab brings up the Customize IPSec Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 8-10. This dialog box allows you to configure Key Exchange, Data Protection, and Authentication Method settings. Clicking Learn More About IpSec Settings provides more information on the technology. At present, IPSec is more likely to be configured on a corporate network than it is on a home network. This is likely to change, and IPSec will become more ubiquitous.
Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 1 301
Log Option Enable Logging For This Service
Delegates can be used to call any method asynchronously. In addition to the Invoke method, every delegate exposes two methods that are used to call methods asynchro nously. These methods are BeginInvoke and EndInvoke. Calling the BeginInvoke method on a delegate starts the method that it refers to on a separate thread. Calling EndInvoke retrieves the results of that method and ends the separate thread. The BeginInvoke method begins the asynchronous call to the method represented by the delegate. It requires the same parameters as the method the delegate represents, as well as two additional parameters: an AsyncCallback delegate that references the method to be called when the asynchronous method is completed, and a user-defined object that contains information about the asynchronous call. In some cases ( that will be discussed below) these parameters are not necessary and you can pass Nothing (null in C#) as parameter values. BeginInvoke returns an instance of IAsyncResult, which is used to monitor the asynchronous call. The EndInvoke method retrieves the results of the asynchronous call, and can be called at any time after BeginInvoke has been called. The EndInvoke method signature requires as a parameter the instance of IAsyncResult returned by BeginInvoke, and returns the value that is returned by the method represented by the delegate. The method signature also contains any Out or ByRef parameters of the method it refers to in its signature.
Lesson Review
Lesson 3
Configuring Security Settings and Internet Options
anElement.SetAttribute("Price", txtPrice.Text)
<source name="DemoServiceTraceSource" switchValue="Information,ActivityTracing"> <listeners> <add name="log"/> </listeners> </source>
"VB Sub Main() RemotingConfiguration.Configure("StandardClient.exe.config", False) Dim person As IPerson = _ CType(Activator.GetObject(GetType(IPerson), _
Security Alert If you do decide to deploy your own CA infrastructure, you need to ensure that your CA infrastructure is very secure. If an attacker can ever compromise your root CA, or obtain a subordinate CA certificate from the root CA, every certificate issued by the CA becomes suspect. If this happens, you will need to rebuild your entire CA infrastructure and reissue all client certificates.
CounterDatas.Add(cntr1); CounterDatas.Add(cntr2); PerformanceCounterCategory.Create("Demo Category", "A help message for the category", PerformanceCounterCategoryType.SingleInstance, CounterDatas);
1. You are designing an Active Directory structure for a network that is currently using Windows NT 4.0. There are 12 servers running Windows NT 4.0 and 300 workstations running mixtures of Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, and Windows XP Professional. The entire network is housed in a single building. There are currently three Windows NT 4.0 domains one for each of the major departments of the company. Each department manages resources in its own domain. What is one method of reducing the complexity of the existing network while still allowing members of each department administrative control over resources in their department
The next two graphs display how much RAM is being used, both at the moment and for the past few minutes. The percentage of memory being used is listed at the bottom of the Task Manager window. If memory use appears to be consistently high or slows your computer s performance noticeably, try reducing the number of programs that are open at one time (or encourage users you support to close any applications they are not currently using). If the problem persists, you might need to install more RAM or implement ReadyBoost.
2. How do you check there are no other unsigned drivers installed on the computer 3. If the problem is not the driver, what tool can you use to determine if there is a resource clash with other hardware 4. The unsigned driver in question worked fine on your test network. You want to test it again more thoroughly under stress conditions, such as low resources. What tool can you use to do this Answers 1. The Dxdiag tool diagnoses any problems with the video card and will tell you whether the driver is WHQL approved. 2. The Sigverif tool scans the computer and detects any unsigned drivers. 3. The Msinfo32 tool lists the resources and tells you what driver uses what resources. In particular, you should investigate Conflicts/Sharing under Hardware Resources. 4. Driver Verifier Monitor tests the device driver under configurable stress conditions. Case Scenario 2: Managing Disks You have Configured a computer running Windows 7 Enterprise and added three hard disks. Drive 0 is the original disk. It holds the operating system on the C: drive. It is a 200-GB disk and has no unallocated space. Drive 1 is a 200-GB drive, Drive 2 is a 400-GB drive, and Drive 3 is a 200-GB drive. Currently, all space on Disks 1, 2, and 3 is unallocated. You want to ensure fault tolerance for both your operating system and your data. You also want to reduce the time taken to access data. Answer the following questions: 1. What type of volume would you create to hold your operating system, and on which disks would you create it 2. What type of volume would you create to hold your data, and on which disks would you create it 3. Given the answer to question 2, what would be the size of the usable data storage on your data volume Answers 1. You would create a RAID-1 (mirror) array to hold your operating system and would mirror Drive 0 with 200 GB of the allocated space on Drive 2. 2. You would create a RAID-5 (striping with parity) volume using the unallocated space on
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