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Figure 13-49: The Internet Options Advanced tab The Advanced tab enables you to configure Accessibility, Browsing, International, Multimedia, Printing, and Security settings. Some of these have little or no impact on performance, whereas others can affect performance considerably. Typically, for example, Accessibility features would not be considered a performance issue, but if large font or caret browsing is set for a user that does not need them, then the perceived performance for that user is reduced. The Browsing settings can impinge on performance. For example, if you do not disable script debugging and display notifications about script errors, the user's browsing experience slows down. These settings are useful if you are debugging a new Web site that runs scripts but are inappropriate for the standard user. Even the simplest setting, such as choosing to always underline links, can slow browsing on a slow or heavily used site. If you are accessing sites that provide multimedia files for either streaming or downloading you can choose (for example) whether to play sounds and animations, automatically resize images, or use smart image dithering. In general effects that enhance the user's multimedia experience often also slow down site access and browsing. The more secure a site is, the slower it tends to be because of additional security checks. Typically, this is something you and your users need to accept. You should not reduce security merely to shorten access times. Nevertheless, it is probably not necessary to warn users whenever they browse from an HTTPS secure site to an insecure HTTP site.
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The most common solution for creating a .NET remoting server is to create it as an ASP.NET application. ASP.NET applications are hosted by IIS. The .NET remoting infrastructure built into the .NET Framework is comprehensive, but it does lack secu rity features. When designing a .NET remoting application, care should be taken to utilize all the security features of the .NET Framework. Because the Web is one of the primary communication platforms used today, there are also many security features available to Web applications. Hosting a remote object using IIS allows you to imple ment Web application security features in your .NET remoting applications. An appli cation created using ASP.NET to serve as a .NET remoting server is automatically started when IIS starts and can execute using its own security context. Generally, .NET remoting applications are designed for use in intranets and are not exposed to the Web. Another benefit of hosting a remote object using IIS is that it accommodates exposing your remote objects over the Web. An application created using ASP.NET to serve as a .NET remoting server utilizes the Hypertext Transfer
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Configure and Troubleshoot Remote Connections
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You begin by naming your view. As with all objects, a view must have a name that meets the rules for identifiers.
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The computer ID, the operating system version, connection type, and installed applications as appropriate The problem in definite terms, with as much detail as time allows The attempted solutions and the results The solution or escalation information How long it took to resolve the issue Whether the issue has yet to be resolved
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Dial-up users can authenticate with a user name and password. Certificate-based authentication methods (such as smart card authentication) can be used. All passwords are encrypted using a nonreversible encryption algorithm. All passwords are stored in encrypted form. Remote access users can use XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows NT 4 Workstation, or Microsoft Windows 98 hosts.
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e-mail messages into your mail systems. To filter junk e-mail, you must use an application-layer filter. These filters can inspect the SMTP messages transporting unwanted e-mail messages and filter out messages based on factors such as source e-mail address, keywords in the subject line or message body, and attachment name or extension. Malicious E-Mail Viruses and worms sent by e-mail can cause a tremendous amount of damage to corporate networks. Viruses and worm attacks are responsible for the following:
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To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
' VB Public Class ServiceHostForm Implements ISynchronization // C# public partial class ServiceHostForm : Form, ISynchronization
To unregister a channel, you need to specifically call the UnregisterChannel method. The following is an example of what this code would look like:
and store those approved updates.
Exam Tip Review all the folder options that are available before you take the exam, but particularly remember those listed in Table 5-2.
A software distribution point is a location on a shared network drive on which you store the packages you intend to deploy using Group Policy. When you create a Software Installation policy, the package you specify is not actually stored in the AD DS database. The GPO contains only a pointer to the package s location. Therefore, the package must be accessible, not only to the computer where you are running the Group Policy Management Editor, but also to the computers and users who are to receive it. You can create multiple distribution points or a single distribution one for all of your packages as long as you create separate folders for each application and each version. Configure the share and NTFS permissions so that administrators have Read and Write access to the distribution point. Users need only Read access.
User Account Properties
Configuring Remote Access Connections 10-17
Create a Data flow Destination
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