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the SMTP server (up to 100 seconds by default), your application will be unresponsive and the cursor will change to an hourglass. Users don t have much patience for unresponsive applications, and there is a good chance they will terminate your application. Fortunately, you can send e-mails asynchronously to enable your application to respond to the user while you wait for the message to be sent. You can even give the user the opportunity to cancel the e-mail transmission. To send a message asynchronously, perform these tasks: 1. Create a method to respond to the SmtpClient.SendCompleted event. This method needs to determine whether the transmission was successful, unsuccessful, or cancelled. 2. Add your event handler to SmtpClient.SendCompleted. 3. Call SmtpClient.SendAsync. 4. Optionally, provide the user the opportunity to cancel the e-mail by calling the SmtpClient.SendAsyncCancel method. For example, the following method responds to an SmtpClient.SendCompleted event (it requires the System.ComponentModel namespace):
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Managing Replication
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Change the binding to a binding name such as basicHttpBinding and see what happens. Add a new binding, such as netTcpBinding, to both the ServiceConsoleHost and TaskClient configurations.
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Lesson 3: Accessing Resources with Least Privilege
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DHCP: Client-identifier = (Type: 1) 08 00 2b 2e d8 5e
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Lesson 3: Maintaining Outlook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-31
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Lesson 2: Customizing and Updating Images
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2. Which of the following features allows you to press a multiple key combination, such as CTRL+ALT+DELETE, one key at a time. (Choose the correct answer.) a. FilterKeys b. StickyKeys c. ToggleKeys d. MultiKeys
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Figure 7-11 Package Roles dialog box.
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views that is dynamically populated with a variety of SQL Server instrumentation. These views provide a granular view across many internal operations.
8 Using Windows 7 Touch with Silverlight
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: By default, the notification area hides inactive icons. You should explain to the user why this happens. If the user would feel more comfortable, you should explain to him how to make the antivirus software always show up in the notifi cation area. B. Incorrect: While it might be possible to find a process indicating that the antivi rus software is running, this is certainly not the easiest way to find out. You are likely to confuse the user and show him a tool that without proper explanation could get him in trouble, and you might not be able to identify the correct process anyway. C. Incorrect: This is unnecessary. D. Incorrect: Although such an option might be available, it is likely already selected since the user noted seeing the icon previously. If expanding the notifi cation area does not reveal the icon, this would be a logical subsequent step.
Netcap.exe is a command-line utility that you can use to capture network traffic to a cap ture file. You can then load the file in Network Monitor to view the captured traffic. The Network Monitor tool does not have to be installed on the computer running Windows Server 2003 to use Netcap. You can also use Netcap on computers running Windows XP, which makes it an extremely attractive way to capture traffic for later review. The tool is available after the Windows Server 2003 Support Tools have been installed. When you first run the command, the Network Monitor driver is automatically installed. Table 11-9 describes the syntax used to obtain a capture.
WMIC Verbs
Lesson 3: How to Add and Verify Security Credentials
namespace DemoSoapReceivers {
Examples of policy condition elements
If your computer is on a network, check with the network administrator before assigning a name to your computer.
1. On ISA1, in the ISA Server Management Console, click Firewall Policy.
Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-26
9. Save the capture to the My Captures folder with the filename DHCP Lease Renewal. When saving, be sure to select the Filtered check box in the Save As dialog box. 10. Close Network Monitor. Do not save the capture again.
persisted for you to be able to index it. The query that is executed against the new column at the end of the example uses the newly created index:
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