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Note If you notice that a desk, chair, or other piece of furniture is positioned on top of a network cable, or that the cable is crimped, try replacing the cable. The cable could be damaged.
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policy (Choose two. Each answer presents part of the solution.) A. Enable the Marketing Admins group to control membership of the accessmarketing-database database role. B. Create a Windows group named MarketingDatabaseAccess and add the group to the access-marketing-database database role. C. Give the Marketing Admins group membership control of the MarketingDatabaseAccess group. D. Give the Marketing Admins group privileges to modify the access-market ing-database database role. 3. Which of the following is the best way to mitigate the risk of SQL injection attacks for database queries occurring through a Web application A. Ensure that queries are encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). B. Ensure that the latest updates are applied to SQL Server 2005. C. Ensure that the Web application accesses database data only through stored procedures. D. Ensure that the SQL Server hosting the data is a member of an Active Direc tory domain.
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Practice 1: Connect to an External Monitor The practice session asks you to connect an external monitor manually and extend your mobile PC screen on to it. Experiment with both a modern flat-screen monitor and an older monitor, possibly a cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor, and find out whether the monitors require different procedures or different presentation settings. Practice 2: Connect to a Plasma Screen Monitor If you have access to a plasma screen monitor, extend your mobile PC screen to this monitor. Practice 3: Connect to a Network Projector If you have access to a network projector, connect your mobile PC to it, and configure presentation settings. Connect from both the same subnet as the network projector and from another subnet.
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No No Yes No, unless the ALL keyword is specified Yes
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a. Turn Off InPrivate Filtering B. Turn Off InPrivate Browsing c. Do Not Collect InPrivate Filtering Data D. InPrivate Filtering Threshold
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Block all CAS permission checks for Web access to
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Action on System.String Joins two strings to create a new string. Returns True if two strings have the same contents; False if they are different. The inverse of the equality operator. Copies the contents of one string into a new one. This causes strings to behave like value types, even though they are implemented as reference types.
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Add a Publisher to Replication Monitor. Edit Replication Monitor settings for the Publisher. Remove the Publisher from Replication Monitor. Connect to or disconnect from the Distributor that stores information about the Publisher. View and edit agent profiles. Configure replication alerts.
Internet connectivity problems that involve modems occur for a variety of reasons. A problem can be caused by something as simple as dialing an incorrect telephone number or having the connection automatically disconnect after a period of time. Or
Real World
' VB ' Prefer single phase construction over two phase construction Public Class OnePhase Public Sub New(ByVal someInit As String, ByVal moreInit As Integer) ' ... End Sub ' ... End Class ' Don't use two phase construction unless you
Profiles are also not fully cross-platform. A profile designed for Windows 98 will not function properly on a Windows Server 2003 system. You will even encounter inconsistencies when roam ing between Windows Server 2003 systems and Windows XP or Windows 2000 Professional.
SoapFormatter Located in the System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap
Lesson 2: Optimizing Index Strategies
The Power Users group is not assigned this right by default; only the Administrators group has this right. However, you can use the Local Security Settings console to assign the right to the Power Users group or to the individual user.
GPSI and Windows Installer packages
Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
When Simple Isn t Sufficient
High-performance mode
Lesson Summary
Alice is configuring auditing policies for her enterprise network, and she wants to use the Advanced Audit Policy Configuration settings for her Windows 7 workstations. However, the company also has workstations running Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2, and the various operating systems are distributed relatively evenly throughout the company and throughout the organization s Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy. Alice has created a separate GPO containing the Advanced Audit Policy Configuration settings. How can she deploy the GPO so that only the Windows 7 workstations receive these settings, without modifying the AD DS hierarchy
A typical Windows 2003 domain includes the following types of computers: Domain controllers running Windows Server 2003 Each domain controller stores and maintains a copy of Active Directory. In a domain, you create a user account in Active Directory only once. When a user logs on to a computer in the domain, a domain controller authenticates the user by checking the directory for the user name, password, and logon restrictions. When there are multiple domain controllers in a domain, they periodically replicate their directory information so
A and B are the correct answers. A is correct because installing the application used to create the file will allow a user to open that file. B is correct because the file type is registered and a program is available to open the file. C is incorrect because a compatible program must be installed or available, and simply knowing what programs can be used to open the file is not enough. D is incorrect because Windows cannot automatically select a program. That is done manually.
Active Directory Infrastructure
Managing XML Data
There is a reason that when servers crash, the term disaster recovery is used instead of something more neutral such as configuration rescue or server restoration. When something goes wrong with servers in the real world, the problems tend to be of the worst sort, hence the appropriate use of the word disaster. When administering ISA Server 2004, you should prepare for the worst. Make regular backups of the computer, and ensure that you export the configuration prior to making any changes, so you can roll back the changes in the event that they have unintended consequences. It takes only a moment to export an ISA Server configuration. If you don t do this before making changes and something goes wrong, it may be several hours before you can correct the problem. Rectifying the problem with an exported configuration may take only a few minutes. Another benefit to exporting configurations is that you can import them on other ISA Server 2004 computers. This makes cloning ISA Server 2004 computers relatively simple, a task that was more difficult with ISA Server 2000.
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