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Integrated Data Matrix in .NET C: Per Computer Settings

Network Interface This object contains some of the same counters that you find when using Task Manager. However, it also contains counters for monitoring specific details about packets on the network. TCPv4 This object contains counters related to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) version 4 connections. TCPv6 This object contains counters related to TCPv6 connections. NBT Connection This object contains counters that can help you determine the number of connections through Server Message Block (SMB); usually open shares. RAS Port This category is helpful if you have virtual private network (VPN) or other Remote Access Service (RAS) connections set up. Then you can choose to
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These require the VIEW SERVER STATE permission on These require the VIEW DATABASE STATE permission
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Both the Parse and STGeomFromText methods return a geometry instance from an OGC WKT representation. The difference between the commands is that Parse assumes an SRID of 0 as a parameter. STGeomFromText includes an argument to specify the SRID.
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Create a table-valued function that accepts the ContactID as an input parameter. The function should perform some operation to compute a value or append a string to another string and return the result(s) in the output table. You will then write a query that utilizes the APPLY operator and the table-valued function. Practice 3 Locate a test or production database utilized by your company. Search through the stored procedures or user-defined functions for that database. Look for SELECT queries that do not utilize search arguments (SARGs). Determine if there is a way that the query could be rewritten to improve the performance. Remember not to make changes to the actual database, but instead, execute the queries in a separate query window.
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Enhancing Usability
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Multimedia in Windows Applications
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To make changes and to access the other regional and language options, follow these steps: 1. Open Control Panel. In Category view, click Date, Time, Language, And Regional Options, and then click Regional And Language Options. (In Classic view, doubleclick on Regional And Language Options.) 2. Click the Regional Options tab.
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The correct answers are A, B, and D. C is not correct because longer TTL values do not increase DNS traffic, but shorter TTL values can increase it.
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Figure 9-43
Key Terms
Case Scenario 1: Integrating Windows PowerShell and Database Mail
Creating Accounts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-3
application, and Registry entries reflect the application s installation. When the user tries to open an assigned application, it is installed upon demand. You can also publish a Windows Installer application from within Active Directory. A published application becomes available to the user for installation, but is not advertised to the user. The user can locate and install the application by using the Add Or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. Windows Installer supports Microsoft s .NET framework technology. The .NET framework gives developers code reuse, code specialization, resource management, multilanguage development, improved security, deployment, and administration. Windows Installer also provides software restriction policies that provide virus protection, including protection from Trojan horse viruses and worms propagated through e-mail and the Web. The way you troubleshoot a Windows Installer package depends on the problem you are having. If a Windows Installer package does not install correctly, you need to determine whether the package has become corrupted. To repair a corrupted Windows Installer package, use the Windows Installer repair option. Open a command prompt and type the following command:
Scanstate.exe utility.
Description Removes the specified permission set from policy. The permission_set_name argument indicates which permission set to remove. Caspol removes the permission set only if it is not associated with any code group. The built-in permission sets cannot be removed. Returns policy to its default state. Shows the code groups to which a specific assembly (assembly_file) belongs. Displays all permissions that security policy would grant the assembly (assembly_file) if the assembly were allowed to run. Turns code access security on or off. When code access security is disabled, all code access demands succeed. Indicates that all options following this one apply to the User level policy for the user on whose behalf Caspol is running. For nonadministrative users, -user is the default. Displays command syntax and options for Caspol.exe.
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