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data to your table data that might be seen and used by an employee or customer. Generally, you would have users just omit the data. Because the data was not explicitly specified, it is either unknown or not applicable. In the database, the column would be null to designate this unknown state. When you define columns, you can specify whether or not nulls are allowed. If you disallow nulls, a user is required to specify a value for the column. Note that because it is impossible for the absence of something to equal the absence of something in other words, one null cannot equal another null you cannot use a null in comparisons.
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Use Windows Setup Manager to create unattended answer files.
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8. To see if any row versions are available for the TestDB database, execute the following query in Connection 3:
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Configure Windows Fax and Scan
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the local computer.
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Lesson 5: Customizing Code Access Security
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1. Log off of Server01. 2. Generate an account lockout by logging on six times with the username lsmithbates and an invalid password. Notice the difference between the Logon Messages you receive after the attempts and the Logon Message you receive after the account has been locked out.
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4. In the right pane, locate the user whose account needs unlocking, right-click on that account, and choose Properties. 5. To unlock the account, clear the Account Is Locked Out check box. (If the account is disabled, clear the Account Is Disabled check box.) Click OK.
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' This is a valid connection string
5. The main office returns the content to the branch-office Web caching server. The branch-office Web caching server places the content in its cache. 6. The branch-office Web caching server returns the content from its cache to the requesting user.
Installing Windows XP Professional over the Network
Solicited traffic (valid traffic that is sent in response to a request by the computer) is allowed through the firewall. Expected traffic (valid traffic that you have specifically configured the firewall to accept) is allowed through the firewall.
13 Review
1 . RSConfig.exe is used to define the connection properties from the SSRS instance
In this exercise, you must reformat phone numbers into a standard (###) ###-#### format. 1. Open the project you created in Exercise 1. 2. Add a method named ReformatPhone that returns a string and accepts a single string as an argument. Using regular expressions, accept phone-number data provided in one of the formats used in Exercise 1, and reformat the data into the (###) ###-#### format. Though many different regular expressions would work, the IsZip method you write could look like this:
Start the information gathering by mapping out each geographic location individually. A simple conceptual map will do nicely. Each location should be a single LAN on which all hosts are well connected. On your map, you need to identify the following:
Important Memory-Related Counters
Sometimes you will need to roll back a series of tasks if one of the tasks fails, but you want to go back only to the point of failure, not to the start of the package. To do this, you need to enable checkpoints in the package and then use a Sequence Container that holds all the associated tasks. The Sequence Container needs to have the transactions turned on by setting the Transactionoption to Required at the container level.
The following questions reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What are the four node types available for NetBIOS name resolution
you don t want to carry the printed book with you. The eBook is in Portable Document Format (PDF), and you can view it by using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. The evaluation software DVD contains a 180-day evaluation edition of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, in case you want to use it with this book.
Managing User Profiles
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