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100 percent of the population. Data mining models give you interesting results somewhere between zero and 100 percent of the population. For example, if you take the highest curve, directly below the Ideal Model line, you can see that if you select 70 percent of the population based on this model, you would get nearly 90 percent of bike buyers. From the Mining Legend window, you can see that this is the Decision Trees curve. In terms of accuracy of predictions from the sample data used for analysis, the Decision Trees algorithm generates the best predictions, the Neural Network algorithm generates the second best, the Na ve Bayes algorithm generates the third best, and the Clustering algorithm generates the fourth best. In this case, you should deploy the Decision Trees model into production. The question is what is the correct percent of the population to target in order to maximize profit. This question is answered by another graph called a profit chart. A profit chart displays the estimated profit increase that is associated with using a mining model. Figure 9-13 shows a profit chart, which is based on the lift chart.
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1. On Computer2, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Log On To Windows dialog box. 2. On the Log On To Windows screen, select the Log On Using Dial-Up Connection check box. 3. In the User Name text box, type user1. 4. In the Password text box, type the strong password you have assigned to the User1 account. 5. In the Log On To drop-down list box, select DOMAIN1. 6. Click OK. The Network Connections dialog box appears. 7. In the Choose A Network Connection drop-down list box, make sure MyCompany is selected, and then click Connect. The Connect MyCompany dialog box appears. The User Name text box already includes the name user1, the Password text box already includes a hidden password, and the Domain text box already includes the domain DOMAIN1.
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Component Design
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In SQL Server Profiler, you should now see a Query Begin event followed by a Query End event. The TextData column for both events should contain the text of the MDX statement. Scroll to the right, and notice the value in the Duration column of the Query End event. In this case, the query took 344 milliseconds to execute. In SSMS, enter the ClearCache command after the query. Select the command, and then execute it to clear the query results cache, as Figure 8-33 shows.
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The WCF pipeline
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Correct Answers: B, C, and E A. Incorrect: The ISA Server log viewer can be used only to view logs that are stored in MSDE format. B. Correct: Both Firewall logs and Web Proxy logs can be configured to write to a SQL database; only SMTP Message Screener logs cannot be written to a SQL database. C. Correct: Both Firewall logs and Web Proxy logs can be configured to write to a SQL database; only SMTP Message Screener logs cannot be written to a SQL database. D. Incorrect: SMTP Message Screener logs can be written only to text file format; they cannot be written to a SQL database or in MSDE format. E. Correct: There are two significant benefits to writing logs to a SQL database. The first is that you can perform a more comprehensive analysis of logs by using custom SQL queries. The second is that you can store logs on a remote server, which is not possible using the text file or MSDE format.
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Tip Typically, temporary Internet files take the most amount of space because the browser caches each page you visit for faster access later. 3 4
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SMTP sends e-mail messages. Users typically use POP3 or IMAP4 clients, for example, Microsoft Outlook Express, to receive incoming messages. The POP3 and IMAP4 services are already installed on Exchange Server 2007 servers that have the Client Access role, but the services are disabled by default. You can enable them and set the start-up type to automatic by entering PowerShell commands in either the PowerShell console or the Exchange Management Shell. For example, to set the POP3 service start-up type to automatic and enable the service, you enter the following commands:
Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
1. Correct Answers: B and C A. Incorrect: Although it is true that you cannot install enterprise CAs on Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition or Windows Server 2008 Web Edition, you are actually running the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition of Windows Server because you verified this prerequisite at the beginning of the installation. B. Correct: If you are logged on with a local account, even an account with local administrative privileges, you cannot install an enterprise CA. You must use a domain account to install an enterprise CA. C. Correct: To install an enterprise CA, your server must be a member of the domain because enterprise CAs rely on the AD DS directory service to publish and issue certificates. D. Incorrect: Because of all the required components in an enterprise CA installation, you should use Server Manager to install this role.
Real World
ISA Server enables VPN access using a default configuration that you can modify to meet your organization s requirements. Most of the VPN client access configuration is managed using the Configure VPN Client Access dialog box in ISA Server Management. When VPN clients connect to the VPN server, they must be assigned an IP address configuration that allows them to access the resources on the internal network or other networks. This IP address configuration can be assigned by ISA Server directly, or you can use a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to assign the addresses. ISA Server supports multiple authentication protocols for VPN clients. You can enable one of or all the authentication protocols. To obtain the most secure network, you should enable only the most secure protocols that are supported by your remote-access clients. After ISA Server is configured to enable client access, VPN connections need to be configured on the remote-access clients. The exact steps to enable VPN connections will vary, depending on the client operating system. Troubleshooting VPN access to ISA Server 2004 requires a thorough understanding of the ISA Server configuration and the authentication methods and tunneling protocols. All these components and options must be configured correctly to allow users to connect to the ISA Server using a VPN.
By default, LDIFDE is in export mode. The i parameter specifies import mode. You must specify the f mode to identify the file you are using for import or export. LDIFDE will stop when it encounters errors unless you specify the k parameter, in which case, LDIFDE continues processing. Exam Tip
The CONTAINS predicate has two arguments, an InludedColumns argument and a SearchCondition argument. The IncludedColumns argument can contain any of the following components:
Windows Server 2003 Windows XP Professional Local security database Local security database Windows XP Professional
Note You can install all ISA Server services on a single Windows Server 2003 server by installing both the Configuration Storage server and ISA Server services on the computer. You can also install the ISA Server Management Console on the same computer. You can then configure the enterprise policies and array policies after the installation.
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