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Troubleshooting the Operating System
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So far, we ve seen how to create a new library using the native IShellLibrary API; it is time to review a similar example using the managed code API. The following code snippet is based on the Windows API Code Pack. To work with the Code Pack, you need to include a reference in your application to Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell. The following code snippet creates a new library, adds a few folders, and sets a new default save location. Next, we enumerate through the library s folders.
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If you are creating AD LDS instances within a domain, do not use ports 389 or 636 even if you are not creating the first instance on a domain controller. AD DS uses these ports by default, and, because of this, some consoles, such as those using the Active Directory Schema snap-in, will not bind to local instances because they bind to the AD DS directory by default. As a best practice, always use ports beyond the 50,000 range for your AD LDS instances.
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No Recovery mode doesn t allow users to access the database, so you use it only when you are implementing log shipping for availability reasons. Standby mode allows users read-only access to the secondary database. If you are implementing log shipping to improve the scalability and performance of your database, you should select Standby mode. code to generate barcode 128
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Page 5-15
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Computer Whenever a computer running Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 joins a domain, a computer account is created for it. Computer accounts provide a way to authenticate a computer s access to the network and to resources in the domain. User A user account is a collection of attributes about a person. The user object is stored in Active Directory and enables single sign-on to the network. A user has to enter credentials (name and password) only once and is given appropriate permissions throughout the network. Group A group is a collection of users, computers, or other groups to which you can assign permissions. By assigning permissions to groups and then placing members in those groups, you save the effort of having to assign permissions to each member individually. InetOrgPerson An InetOrgPerson account works much the same as a user account, except that InetOrgPerson accounts are compatible with other Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) based directory services. This allows compatibility between Active Directory and other systems. Contact A contact is an object that is stored in Active Directory but does not have permissions associated with it. This means it cannot be used to log on to the network or to access resources. Contacts are often associated with users outside the network to which a mail system can send messages.
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Frequently used calculated members can be defined inside the cube so that they are readily available to all clients.
UPDATE Test.Contacts SET PhoneNumber = PhoneNumber;
The Evaluation Edition of Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition included with this book should not be used on a primary work computer. The evaluation edition is unsup ported. For online support information relating to the full version of Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition that might also apply to the Evaluation Edition, you can connect to http://
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Manual Interface Management
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Type dir and then press ENTER to display the files in the current directory (the Windows directory). You probably need to scroll the list to see all of the files. 7. Type exit to exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer.
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