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Configuring the protocols and port numbers for a Web listener
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Monitor Server Hardware
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E. Correct: You should configure branch office clients to use BranchCache distributed cache
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Specify that all content will be cached if the source and request headers indicate that the content is cacheable.
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Active Directory is the directory service that has provided the basic structure and fea tures of Windows domains since Windows 2000. Active Directory creates a multimas ter domain model, which means that each domain can have many domain controllers, each of which contains a read-write (master) copy of the Active Directory database. Changes made to one copy of the Active Directory database are automatically made to all other copies by means of Active Directory replication a background process that runs among all domain controllers.
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Table 8-4
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how the remote object is activated, a client application might require a proxy object to be created that represents the remote object. Likewise, on the server side, an instance of a remote object must have at least one reference to it maintained; otherwise the GC collects the remote object. However, all objects that hold a reference to an instance of a remote object typically do not reside on the server. To remedy this situation, an object similar to a proxy object is created on the server that represents a client application and holds a reference to a remote object on the server for the client application. Thus, a reference to an instance of a remote object is detected by the GC and the instance of the remote object is not collected by the GC. The proxy-type object created on the server to represent a client application and hold a reference to the instance of the remote object is called a lease object. A server can host many remote objects, and multiple instances of a remote object can exist in memory. Each instance of a remote object is assigned its own lease object. All lease objects on a server are managed by another object called the lease manager. A lease object is assigned a duration to determine how long to hold the reference to the instance of the remote object. When a lease expires, the instance of the remote object is collected by the GC. However, each client application can register a sponsor object that allows the client application to extend the duration of the lease. When a lease expires, prior to a remote object being made available for collection, the lease manager determines whether any sponsors want to extend the lifetime of the lease.
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Troubleshoot Routing And Remote Access routing
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Installing printers is a basic function that all administrators and most users should be able to perform. Many printers support automatic Plug and Play detection, and Windows automatically begins the installation process when the printers are first con nected to the computer. Windows automatically installs drivers from the file. contains thousands of commonly used files, including print drivers. is installed as part of the Windows XP Professional operating system instal lation. If the printer is not Plug and Play compliant, you must use the Add Printer Wizard to install it. The Add Printer Wizard is located in the Printers And Faxes folder, which is accessible from Control Panel or the Start menu. To install a printer, a user running Windows XP Professional must be a member of the Administrators or Power Users groups and must have the Load And Unload Device Drivers user right assigned. A user running Windows XP Home Edition must have a Computer Administrator user account. For information on assigning user rights, refer to 3, Supporting Local Users and Groups.
Note You can build your own Sync media list that will be copied to the device by using Manual synchronization. You can add to the Sync list by right-clicking the item you want to add, and then clicking Add to Sync List. 4
1. You cannot ping to a computer on a local subnet, even after you reboot the com puter. What should you do next a. Check for hardware errors. b. Run Ipconfig with the /all switch. c. Run Network Diagnostics in verbose mode.
Obtain and Install the Issuing CA Certificate
How to Handle Unknown SOAP Headers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
Name allowTestRoot
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