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9. On the Build menu, click Build LabConsumer to compile the project. After the project successfully builds, press Ctrl+F5 to start the program without debug ging. The console output should render something similar to this:
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Choosing Site Boundaries
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When you delete Filestream data (either by using an UPDATE or a DELETE statement), SQL Server doesn t immediately delete the file. Instead, the files are deleted when the Filestream garbage collection process is run. This process in turn is run when the database checkpoint process is executed.
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Alias By default, the alias is the same as the group name. You can modify the alias if required.
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Configuring Firewall and Remote Support Settings
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Dim LocationColumn As New DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
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2. Which of the following statements about moving a file or folder are correct Choose all answers that are correct. a. When you move a file from one folder to another folder on the same volume, the permissions on the file do not change. b. When you move a file from a folder on an NTFS volume to a folder on a FAT volume, the permissions on the file do not change. c. When you move a file from a folder on an NTFS volume to a folder on another NTFS volume, the permissions on the file match those of the destination folder. d. When you move a file from a folder on an NTFS volume to a folder on the same volume, the permissions on the file match those of the destination folder. 3. When you assign NTFS permissions you should assign the _____________________ (least/most) restrictive permissions. Fill in the blank. 4. If you do not want a user or group to gain access to a particular folder or file, should you deny access permissions to that folder or file
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Supporting the Windows Desktop
7: Case Scenario Answers
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' VB Public Class Counter Dim _count As Integer = 0 Dim _evenCount As Integer =
8 Review
SQL Server process (Sqlservr.exe) Contains the Full-Text Engine, which manages full-text indexing and queries. Because of this complete integration with the Database Engine, the optimizer recognizes and enhances performance on full-text queries.
If a user forgets his or her password, you must reset the password. You do not need to know the user s old password to do so. Simply select the user object and, from the Action menu, choose the Reset Password command. Enter the new password twice to confirm the change, and as a security best practice, select the User Must Change Password At Next Logon option.
Using the Debug Logging tab, you can configure the DNS log file to record the follow
Lab 3: Adding Security to Your WSE Router
1-C. 2-D. 3-A. 4-E. 5-B.
Selecting Applications
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Objective 7.1 Questions 1.
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