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GDI contacts printer driver, renders the job and delivers the job to the printer spooler
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Lab: The Test Case Translated to Unit Tests
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Estimated lesson time: 90 minutes
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Lesson Review
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SecurityAction.RequestMinimum Requires a permission for your assembly to run. If your assembly lacks the specified CAS permission, the runtime will throw a System.Security.Policy.PolicyException. SecurityAction.RequestOptional Refuses all permissions not listed in a SecurityAction.RequestOptional or SecurityAction.RequestMinimum declaration. Defining permissions with this action ensures your application will have no more permissions than those you have declared. If your assembly lacks the requested CAS permissions, the runtime will not throw an exception, unlike its behavior with SecurityAction.RequestMinimum. Therefore, use both SecurityAction.RequestMinimum and SecurityAction.RequestOptional together when your application cannot adapt to a missing permission. SecurityAction.RequestRefuse Reduces the permissions assigned to your application. Use this type of declaration to ensure your application does not have access to critical resources that could potentially be abused. Unlike SecurityAction.RequestMinimum, this declaration will never cause the runtime to throw an exception at load time.
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Using Windows XP Tools
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Practice 2
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Question 4.2 Questions 1.
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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The router is configured by adding a configuration file named ReferralCache .config that includes the URLs for the router and the target Web services. You also add an <add> element to the <HttpHandlers> element in the Web.config file. This element is used to instruct the router which requests to handle.
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In the Media Library, click Album. From the album that you just ripped, right-click one of the tracks, and then click Add to Now Playing List.
Lesson 2: Authorization and Impersonation
Remote Delivery Queue
Quick Check
New for Windows XP is the ability to automatically build the Sysprep.inf file's [SysprepMassStorage] section. By adding the lines that you see in the following listing to your Sysprep.inf file, Sysprep extracts all the Plug and Play IDs from Machine.inf, Scsi.inf, Pnpscsi.inf, and Mshdc.inf and adds the appropriate entries. Make sure that you leave the [SysprepMassStorage] section empty, and double check your spelling of BuildMassStorageSection. (I've spent hours troubleshooting a file in which I misspelled the name of this setting.)
Planning a Database Server Infrastructure
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