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Named Parameter Options for the ServiceContractAttribute
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C. Correct: Although it does not provide any fault tolerance, the RAID 0 con figuration provides the maximum disk throughput that can be achieved. This meets the business needs because performance is the top priority. D. Incorrect: Although a RAID 1 configuration provides fault tolerance, it causes degraded performance with respect to a RAID 5 array.
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Wireless clients connect to a network by using radio frequencies ranging from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz, depending on which 802.11 wireless standard is being followed (see Table 10-2 for some of the wireless standards). Infrared (IR) frequencies use the frequency a little below visible light and spread-spectrum signals to send data over multiple fre quencies. Bluetooth is another popular wireless standard for smaller, short-distance devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and is supported on Microsoft Windows XP service pack 1 and later.
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These questions are also available on the companion CD as a practice test.
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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Failure Diagnosis
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The report for the data warehouse loads can be accomplished easily by using either subqueries, CTEs, or a combination of CTEs with ranking functions. Because a CTE combined with a ranking function should provide the best performance, you should use this method. Iteration across a result set can be accomplished using CTEs, which would be much more efficient than a cursor-based solution. Depending upon the specific business problem, you could use the same method to find load gaps in the data warehouse to solve the problems of finding missing data or filling empty seats. You could rewrite the cursors that are calculating sales figures to use subqueries that can provide running totals as well as aggregate data within a group. You can eliminate all the intermediate temporary tables by using derived tables, which can take advantage of the memory available on the machine instead of requiring physical reads and writes to disk.
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5. Observe that the initiator queue is empty and that the target queue has a row of data. By casting the message_body column to an XML data type, you can view the contents in a human-readable format.
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Case Scenarios
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e.Graphics.DrawString(CurrentLine, this.Font, Brushes.Black,
Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment (4.0)
Before we can start to examine an assembly, we need to get an instance of the Assembly class. The Assembly class supports a number of static methods to create instances of the class. Table 14-1 shows these static methods.
A is correct. RADIUS authentication would be the best solution because it allows ISA Server to pass domain credentials through a RADIUS server without being a domain member. All the other answers are incorrect because they require the ISA Server computer to be a domain member.
Exam Tip
XP Professional authenticates the user s identity during the logon process. Only valid users can access resources and data on a computer or a network. Windows XP Professional authenticates users who log on locally to the computer at which they are seated; a domain controller authenticates users who log on to a domain.
[Commands] "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Sysprep\Sysprep.exe clean quiet"
Each invitation issued by the computer has properties that are determined by the Remote Assistance settings. For example, this means that all invitations will be valid for the same amount of time. Remote Assistance settings cannot be configured individually each time an assistance invitation is issued. The first security setting is used to determine whether the computer can be controlled remotely. This gives the person operating the host computer the highest degree of control over the Remote Assistance session. From a security perspective, it is important to remember that a helper can view everything on the desktop that the person hosting the remote session can. If the helper has control, the helper can access anything that the host user could normally access. For example, say that the Windows Vista computer used by the CEO of an organization is configured to allow the computer to be controlled remotely. The CEO is having some problems with her computer and sends a Remote Assistance invitation to a member of the help desk support staff. The helper connects to the computer to fix the problem plaguing the CEO. Rather than talking the CEO through the resolution, the CEO says that she needs to attend a meeting and leaves the helper connected to the host computer. In this situation, it is possible for the helper to view any document or information the CEO could because the helper is effectively logged on as the CEO. So although it can greatly simplify the assistance process to allow helpers to have full remote control over the host computer, in the case of certain sensitive computers you should allow the helper only to view the host computer s screen and to not be able to request control. In such a situation, the helper will have to direct the operator of the host computer to perform each action. One problem that you might encounter with Remote Assistance relates to the elevation of privileges. When a user whose account is unable to elevate privileges tries to perform a task that requires elevated privileges, the user will be prompted for an administrator password. The same applies to allowing a helper to elevate privileges. The host will be asked for the password for an account that can elevate privileges in order to allow the helper to perform the same task. The helper cannot interact directly with the computer until this access is granted, hence the helper cannot enter the elevated account credentials by himself or herself. The only way that a helper can elevate privileges is if the user who has requested assistance has an account that can elevate privileges or if the host user knows the authentication credentials of an account that can elevate privileges. Most of the support scenarios covered in the 70-620 exam deal with users who are able to elevate privileges on their computers, so this particular issue is unlikely to arise. If you do have to remotely perform a task on a computer where the host user cannot elevate privileges but you know the credentials of an account that can, you should get
Fuzzy Grouping and Fuzzy Lookup transformations are available only in the Enterprise version of SQL Server 2005.
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers\EventHandlers is the key where you find associations between different types of media and the applications that handle them. When Windows XP detects that you've inserted a CD, DVD, or removable disk, it automatically runs the program that it associates with the type of content on that disk. In Table C 2, look up the type of content you want to customize. Then open the subkey shown in the Subkey column for EventHandlers. In that subkey, add any of the following handlers as an empty REG_SZ value: MSCDBurningOnArrival MSGenericVolumeArrival MSOpenFolder MSPlayCDAudioOnArrival MSPlayDVDMovieOnArrival MSPlayMediaOnArrival MSPlayMusicFilesOnArrival MSPlayVideoFilesOnArrival MSPrintPicturesOnArrival MSPromptEachTime MSPromptEachTimeNoContent MSShowPicturesOnArrival MSTakeNoAction MSVideoCameraArrival MSWiaEventHandler Table C 2: Values in AutoplayHandlers Media Generic Blank CDR Mixed content CD audio DVD Music files Video files Digital images Video camera Subkey GenericVolumeArrival HandleCDBurningOnArrival MixedContentOnArrival PlayCDAudioOnArrival PlayDVDMovieOnArrival PlayMusicFilesOnArrival PlayVideoFilesOnArrival ShowPicturesOnArrival VideoCameraArrival
Domain User Accounts
As you can see, global groups have the most limited membership (only users, computers, and global groups from the same domain) but the broadest availability across the domain, the forest, and trusting domains. That is why they are well suited to defining roles, because roles are generally collections of objects from the same directory.
Lesson 2
Creating Certificates
Lesson 3 Review
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