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member of an Active Directory environment. Because this is a stand-alone system, hence not a member of a domain, this option cannot be used.
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Figure 11-25 Top senders on the Glasgow server
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When connecting to a database by using the SQLXML classes, you must use the SqlOleDB provider.
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SQL Server 2005 can use SSL to encrypt data transmitted across a network between an instance of SQL Server and a client application. This type of encryption relies on a server certificate, and although acquiring such a certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) is strongly recommended in a production environment, doing so is not required. Even without obtaining a certificate through this method, SQL Server can still encrypt communications by means of an automatically generated, self-signed cer tificate.
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Can be enabled on Send and Receive connectors to monitor SMTP conversations that occur between Exchange Server 2007 servers that have the Hub Transport server role or the Edge Transport server role installed. Microsoft Outlook. Users can place files in public folders so that other users can access them.
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User-Level Security
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Configuring Faxes, Media Applications, and the Windows Sidebar
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Note The Open With dialog box includes the Always Use The Selected Program To Open This Kind Of File check box. If you select this check box, the program will always open with this type of file. Do not select this check box if you do not want to make this program the default program.
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Publishing a calendar allows others to view it
Explorer User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer Display error message on proxy script download failure Disable changing Temporary Internet files settings HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\DisplayScriptDownloadFailureUI
The Reliability and Performance Monitor, Task Manager, and System Information tools are available from the Advanced Tools dialog box that you access from Performance Information and Tools. You can also open the Reliability and Performance Monitor from the Administrative Tools menu or as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in. You can open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar at the foot of the screen and selecting Task Manager or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Usually, you can open Task Manager even when the computer appears to have crashed completely and use it to close the application that is causing the crash.
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The ToolTip.Active property must be set to True. There must be a ToolTip set for that control. The control must be active, or the ToolTip.ShowAlways property must be set to True.
Subscribing to Shared Calendars
C:\>echo Hello, World! > HashThis.txt C:\>HashExample HashThis.txt h7GTmgvuZdN0SGR0A6qdBA== C:\>HashExample HashThis.txt h7GTmgvuZdN0SGR0A6qdBA== C:\>echo Hello, again. >> HashThis.txt C:\>HashExample HashThis.txt F1QQWOeK/Yc2EwNR2BxCuw==
A customer service representative must be able to place an order for a customer. A user must be able to query the on-hand inventory to determine the number of units of a given product that are in stock. Users must be able to view their order histories in a list. They must be able to select an order from the list and view its details.
Installing a Printer on Windows Server 2003
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