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Use European Article Number 13 in visual C# Lesson 3: How to Implement SOAP Extensions

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When you need to manage user accounts, you ll perform activities through the Active Directory Users and Computers console. This console supports enhancements, some of which are provided by Microsoft. For example, you can add an Additional Account Info tab on the user object s properties page by downloading and registering the AcctInfo.dll on a server or workstation hosting the Active Directory Users and Computers console. AcctInfo.dll is part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit along with the Account Lockout and Management tools.
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If you didn t create the CustomerAddress table
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Objective 5.1
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Properties sheet
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e.Cancel = true;
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Table of Contents
using RSConfig.exe to Manage Report Server Database Connections
Client operating system
Packaging and Sharing
Exam Tip
Lesson 1
Remote Desktop Web connection requires which of the following protocols to establish a connection Choose two correct answers. A. HTTP (TCP port 80) B. RDP (TCP port 3389) C. SMTP (TCP port 25) D. LDAP (TCP port 389) E. POP (TCP port 110)
Objective 3.2
To log on to a domain through a dial-up connection, select the Log On Using Dial-Up Connection check box in the Log On To Windows dialog box. Then, after you type in your user name and password and click OK, a Network Connections dialog box appears. In the Choose A Network Connection drop-down list box, select the network connection you have configured for dial-up remote access, and then click Connect. The dial-up connection is then attempted; remote access authentication and authoriza tion follow. Typically, the user name, domain, and password configured for the con nection match those you submit for domain logon, but these two sets of credentials are configured and authenticated separately. If the credentials of the dial-up connection are successfully authenticated, and if the remote access connection is authorized, a remote access connection is established. Normal domain logon follows; the credentials you enter in the Log On To Windows dialog box are submitted to a domain controller for domain authentication.
The phishing filter is integrated into IE7+ but stays in the background until a user visits a suspect website. If the user has enabled automatic web checking, IE7+ issues either a red or a yellow warning. If the website has been confirmed as a reported phishing site (based on an online list of sites that are updated several times every hour), the red warning shown in Figure 6-20 appears. This warning page offers users the option to close the webpage immediately or continue at their own risk to the site.
1. The principal database is currently serving the database to applications. The mirror database is in a recovering state and does not allow connec tions. And the optional witness server is an instance of SQL Server that is used for automatic failure detection and failover from a primary to a mirror database. 2. The three operating modes are High Availability operating mode, High Per formance operating mode, and High Protection operating mode. 3. High Protection operating mode is not recommended for normal opera tions because its synchronous transfers have high performance impact without the benefit of automatic failover.
Remote Desktop could be used for which of the following scenarios Choose two correct answers. A. Connecting to your Windows XP Professional computer at home to access your personal e-mail. B. Connecting to your Windows XP Home Edition computer at home to edit a Microsoft Word document stored on your home computer. C. Training a remote user by interactively walking him or her through the steps required to perform a task on his or her Windows XP Professional computer. D. Connecting to a computer in a remote office after hours to install the latest updates. E. Controlling a remote Windows XP Professional computer behind a firewall that allows only traffic using TCP port 80.
POLICY "Sample Part" EXPLAIN "This illustrates parts" KEYNAME "Software\Policies" POLICY "Sample Policy" EXPLAIN "This is a sample policy including parts." VALUENAME "Sample" PART test EDITTEXT DEFAULT "This is the default text" VALUENAME Sample END PART END POLICY
C. Implement Basic Firewall on your Routing And Remote Access service server. D. Enable Callback.
Maintaining the Operating System
It is important to note that only users with elevated privileges are able to uninstall devices or modify device driver or hardware properties. To find out more about rights and permissions in Windows Vista, see 5, User Account Control. Standard users are able to view the Device Manager. You should remember this because it means that you can query anyone about what they see in the Device Manager if they are asking you for technical support over a help desk telephone line. In the next section, we look at the other tabs of the Device Manager and how they can aid in post-installation troubleshooting of devices.
Scripts and Executables
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