// Set the value for the shipment method passed in the SOAP header in C#

Make EAN-13 Supplement 2 in C# // Set the value for the shipment method passed in the SOAP header

When using log shipping, you must configure the primary database to use the full or bulk-logged recovery model. Shifting to the simple recovery model causes log shipping to stop functioning. If there are multiple databases on a primary server that you want to configure to use log shipping, you must ship all to the same secondary server or group of servers.
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Installing and Configuring Office Applications
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Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Dim myDataSet As DataSet = New DataSet() myDataSet = GetDSFromID(input.txt) End Sub Private Function GetDSFromID(ByVal ID As String) As DataSet Dim selectString As String="SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = + input.text Dim myData As SqlDataAdapter=New SqlDataAdapter(selectString,myConnection) Dim myDS As DataSet = New DataSet() myData.Fill(myDS, DataSet ) Return myDS End Function
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8. On the Publishers page, add other publishers you want to authorize as Publishers to this Distributor, and click Next. By default, SSMS also configures the Distributor as a Publisher. 9. On the Wizard Actions page, you can use the available check boxes to indicate whether you want SSMS to execute the commands now, script them, or both. By default, the Configure Distribution check box is selected. Click Next.
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Form with controls arranged in preparation for executing command objects
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Monitoring Network Protocol Security 11-45
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use for Content Advisor is on a home computer on which parents want to control the websites that their children can view.
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Table 16-4
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Mutex class Semaphore class AutoResetEvent class ManualResetEvent class
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Table 10-1
Introduction to Networking
Secondary Logon, also called Run As, enables users to run programs in the context of accounts other than their own. For example, if I'm logged on to the computer using the account Jerry, which is in the Power Users group, but I need to run a program as an administrator, I hold down the Shift key, right click the program's shortcut icon, click Run As, and then type the Administrator account's name and password. The program runs under the Administrator account. Because Secondary Logon relies on users knowing the credentials (which they won't know), it's not a really useful tool for software deployment. I include it here to answer the inevitable question about whether you can use it for that purpose. You can use Secondary Logon from the command prompt, too. The following shows you the syntax for this command:
figure 12-8 Report subscriptions are defined on the Subscriptions tab in Report Manager for each
New Scope Wizard Page Scope Name
The Forwarders tab allows you to forward DNS queries received by the local DNS server to upstream DNS servers, called forwarders. Using this tab, you can specify the IP addresses of the upstream forwarders, and you can specify the domain names of queries that should be forwarded. For example, in Figure 5-3, all queries received for the domain lucernepublishing.com will be forwarded to the DNS server When, after receiving and forwarding a query from an internal client, the local forward ing server receives a query response back from, the local forwarding server then passes this query response back to the original querying client. The process of forwarding selected queries in this way is known as conditional forwarding.
figURE 7-18 The Enable Multicast For This Deployment Share check box in an MDT 2010 deployment share
Lesson 3: Using Default, Named, and Multiple Instances of SQL Server 2005
For the developer, the ability to troubleshoot problems is a leading rationale for the correct handling of exceptions. And, unfortunately, to many developers correct handling means catching the exception as soon as it is thrown. This is a tradition that has deep roots in Visual Basic and Active Server Pages (ASP) history. But it is no longer necessary in the .NET world. One of the reasons for not requiring that catching take place at the point of detection is that the Exception class includes a StackTrace property. This property contains a list of the calls that occurred to get to the point where the exception was thrown. This provides most of the information that developers require to pinpoint the source of the exception. The only concern that a developer truly faces is ensuring that caught exceptions are rethrown properly. The worst case scenario is having an exception caught and then a new exception thrown, losing the StackTrace information.
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