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Troubleshooting Lab
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4. Close all windows and log off.
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Sites and Replication
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To Stop sharing a folder Modify the share name
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Linking GPOs to OUs
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Lab: Practice with Background Worker
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D. Correct: PPP requires LCP extensions to implement Callback. By default, this check box is selected, but it has been cleared in this scenario.
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Lesson 1: Delegating the Support of Computers
Lesson 1
Hardware Requirements
Optimize Windows startup. Stop unnecessary background applications. Optimize hard drive performance. Turn off Fast User Switching. Disable visual effects to increase performance. Configure advanced performance options.
5. Retrieve records from the UniversalLog table by using the query() method and XQUERY. Return an XML structure representing a report with all logged errors. The result should resemble this structure:
SQL Server 2005 attempts to maintain from 4 to 10 MB of free physical memory. The Memory: Available Bytes counter measures the amount of free physical memory on a server. The average value of this counter should be greater than 5 MB; otherwise, your server could be experiencing a performance hit because of memory pressure.
CREATE TABLE Test.IndexInsertTest ( PKCol UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL DEFAULT NEWSEQUENTIALID() PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ,Col1 INT NOT NULL ); INSERT Test.IndexInsertTest (Col1) SELECT TOP(1000000) ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY message_id) AS Col1 FROM sys.messages AS sm CROSS JOIN ( SELECT TOP(15) 1 AS Col FROM sys.messages ) AS x; -- Rebuild the table s clustered index. ALTER INDEX ALL ON Test.OtherTable REBUILD; -- Created table containing the rows used to perform the inserts. CREATE TABLE Test.OtherTable ( PKCol INT IDENTITY(100000,4) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY ,OtherCol INT NOT NULL ) INSERT Test.OtherTable (OtherCol) SELECT Col1 FROM Test.IncludedColumnsTest WHERE Col1 BETWEEN 1 AND 10000;
figURE 9-12 Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool
38 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
Authentication is the process of verifying that the message sender is authentic (that is, that the sender has not been impersonated by another user). MSMQ uses digital sig natures to provide message authentication. MSMQ authentication also guarantees message integrity (that the message has not been tampered with) and nonrepudiation (because no user can sign a message with another user s identity, no user can refute that he or she sent a message if it contains his or her signature). You can configure a queue to accept messages from authenticated users only. When configured to accept only messages from authenticated users, MSMQ checks the user credentials to see if a user certificate is available. If so, MSMQ includes the user certif icate and the SenderId in the message. By default, authentication is only available when the machine that you re sending your message from is in an Active Directory domain. This is because any user that has been authenticated against Active Directory gets an internal user certificate, thus satisfying MSMQ s need for a certificate. This is reflected in the security settings of MSMQ. When running in workgroup mode, the Security tab is unavailable. As shown in Figure 13-16, when connected to a domain three tabs are available: User Certificate, Service Security, and Security.
Alter the refresh rate of your CRT monitor at your preferred resolution. See if you can notice the difference. You might have to manually adjust your monitor s horizontal and vertical settings. Practice 2: Alter Hardware Settings Using Device Manager Use hardware manager to alter the settings of LPT1. Disable the device, and then view the icon that appears next to the device. Change the resource settings of a device from manual to automatic. Attempt to change the resources to different settings. Note what happens when you attempt to make this change. Practice 3: Change Visual Settings in Windows Vista Download an image from the Internet, and set it as your desktop background using the Desktop Background item in the Personalization item in Control Panel. Do not right-click an image in Internet Explorer, and use the Set As Background option! Configure Windows Vista to use the Frost color and appearance. Configure Windows Vista to use the Classic Windows 2000 Theme.
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