Extending XML Web Services with SOAP Formatting, Custom Headers, and Extensions in visual C#

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You can disable the FTP filter on any access rule or server publishing rule. By default, the FTP filter is enabled on all rules that enable FTP. If you want to disable the FTP filter on a particular rule, access the protocol properties on the rule and disable the FTP filter. You can disable the FTP filter for all rules. To disable the FTP filter, access the Add-ins container in ISA Server Management. Right-click FTP Access Filter and select Disable. You can configure the FTP filter to allow read-only access or read-write access for each rule using FTP. By default, the FTP filter allows only read access to FTP servers. If you want to enable write access, locate the access rule in the Firewall Policy container. Right-click the rule and click Configure FTP and then clear the Read Only check box.
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Deleting Computer Accounts
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Creating a Remoting Server Application
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Lab 3: Handle Events from a Remote Object . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 339
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You are using Network Monitor on a Windows Server 2003 domain controller named Dom1. You have performed a capture of all inbound and outbound traffic at Dom1_fs local area network (LAN) interface. You want to view all Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) frames that Dom1 has sent to, and received from, a client running Microsoft Windows XP Professional named Client26. How do you specify your display filter
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aForm.PrintPreviewControl1.Document = PrintDocument1
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UI thread affinity could block the callback
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2 Understanding TCP/IP
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12. Launch the application by pressing F5. In a few moments, the Console window indicates that the call is complete. 13. Press Enter to terminate the application. Now look at the two request chains. 14. Launch the Service Trace Viewer by clicking the Start button. Choose All Programs, and then select Microsoft Windows SDK v6.1. Choose Tools, and then select Service Trace Viewer. 15. In the Service Trace Viewer, choose Open from the File menu, and then browse to InstallHome>/7/Lesson2/Exercise1/<language>/Before/DemoService/bin/Debug and open the Traces.svclog file. Notice that roughly 120 message log traces were recorded in the log. The two runs are likely to be distinguishable by the Thread Id column. The first message in each group will show the unencrypted message (through the XML tab). Figure 7-1 shows the Service Trace Viewer view of this message.
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To support the scalability goals defined for SQL Server, SQLOS and the CLR have different models for scheduling and memory management. SQLOS supports a cooperative, non-preemptive
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Returns the total number of 8-kilobyte (KB) pages read during execution Returns the total number of 8-KB pages written during execution Returns the total CPU time used during execution
Figure 6-17 Assert blocks demand checks, increasing performance and allowing underprivileged code to call methods with CAS permission requirements.
Lesson 4: Securing and Processing Data Mining Models
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Unless it is unavoidable, do not use LIKE or <>. Consider the following example:
Downloading updates
// C# errorProvider1.ContainerControl = this;
broadcast message A network message sent from a single computer that is distributed to all other devices on the same segment of the network as the sending computer. broadcast network A network that supports more than two attached hosts and has the ability to address a single message to all the attached hosts. Ethernet is an example of a broadcast network. browsing The process of creating and maintaining an up-to-date list of computers and resources on a network or part of a network by one or more designated com puters running the Computer Browser service. built-in groups The default security groups installed with the operating system. Built-in groups have been granted useful collections of rights and built-in abilities. For example, members of the built-in Backup Operators group can back up and restore files and folders. To provide a needed set of capabilities to a user account, assign it to the appropriate built-in group. caching-only server A DNS sever that does not host any DNS zones but that forwards name resolution requests and stores the results in its cache. callback security A form of network security in which a remote access server calls a user back at a preset number after the user has made an initial connection and has been authenticated. certificate A digital document that is commonly used for authentication and to secure information on open networks. A certificate securely binds a public key to the entity that holds the corresponding private key. Certificates are digitally signed by the issuing certificate authority (CA), and they can be issued for a user, a com puter, or a service. certificate authority (CA) An entity responsible for establishing and vouching for the authenticity of public keys belonging to subjects (usually users or computers) or other certificate authorities. Activities of a certificate authority can include bind ing public keys to distinguished names through signed certificates, managing cer tificate serial numbers, and handling certificate revocation. Certificate Services A software service that issues certificates for a particular certifi cate authority (CA). It provides customizable services for issuing and managing certificates for the enterprise. Certificates can be used to provide authentication support, including secure e-mail, Web-based authentication, and smart card authentication. Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) A challenge-response authentication protocol for Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections described in Request for Comments (RFC) 1994. It uses the industry-standard Message Digest 5 (MD5) hashing algorithm to hash the combination of a challenge string issued by the authenticating server and the user s password in the response.
Adding User Accounts to Groups
Figure 11-8 Registering a server with a user-friendly name.
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