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For more information about deadlocks, see the SQL Server 2005 Books Online topic Deadlocking.
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Installing a Printer on Windows Server 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-4
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Uppercase alphabet characters (A Z) Lowercase alphabet characters (a z) Arabic numerals (0 9) Nonalphanumeric characters (for example, !$#,%)
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Manually Create Unit Tests
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1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: While the SoapClient and SoapService classes can be used for one-way messaging, they are mostly used for two-way messaging. In this answer, the SoapSender and SoapReceiver classes are correct. B. Incorrect: The SoapClient and SoapService classes are used for two-way messaging. C. Correct: The SoapSender and SoapReceiver classes are used in one-way mes saging. D. Incorrect: The SoapClient and SoapService classes are used for two-way messaging. In this answer, SoapService is incorrect.
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Debugging and Deploying Remote Applications generate data matrix barcode
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Figure 10-11
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Web based printing HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers\DisableWebPrinting
Create and manage computer accounts in a Microsoft Active Directory directory service environment Troubleshoot computer accounts
Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: The ASR disk cannot be used as a boot disk. It contains information about the system but does not contain the necessary files to start Windows Server 2003. B. Correct: This is the correct method of performing ASR on a Windows Server 2003 system. The disk created in ASR is not a boot disk; it merely stores important system configuration files, such as the disk layout, which are needed at the beginning of the recovery process. Other files are either copied from the installation media or from the ASR backup set. C. Incorrect: Starting in Safe mode will not initiate the ASR process. D. Incorrect: The ASR process cannot be initiated from Directory Services Restore mode. E. Incorrect: The Recovery Console cannot be used to initiate the ASR process.
Tested Skills and Suggested Practices
The maximum size of each log, which can be from 64 KB to 4,194,240 KB (4 GB). The default size is 512 KB. The action that Windows XP Professional takes when the log fills up. To control this action, click one of the options described in Table 18-3.
The Data Flow Task has two precedence constraints, one Success and one Failure. If the Data Flow Task is successful, a File System Task runs that archives the successfully processed file to a folder named Archive. If the Data Flow Task fails, a different File System Task moves the file to a folder named Error_Files. The final task in the Foreach Loop Container is an Execute SQL Task that audits the processing of the file. It has two precedence constraints connected to it, and they are marked as Logical OR with a Completion constraint. This means that when either the File System Task that moves the successful file completes or the File System Task that moves the error file completes, this Execute SQL Task runs. When the Foreach Loop Container completes, it has a precedence constraint tied to another Execute SQL Task. Figure 2-11 showed the editor for this constraint, which requires that the Foreach Loop Container is successful and that the FileCount variable has a value greater than 0. This variable is updated in the Script Task within the Foreach Loop Container. If there are no files to process, the FileCount value is 0, and the final Execute SQL Task in the control flow does not run.
Lesson Review
3. Join a workgroup or domain. If you choose to join a domain for which you have sufficient privileges, you can create the computer account during installation. The Setup Wizard prompts you for the name and password of a user account with authority to add domain computer accounts.
Objective 3.1
When following the examples in this section, make sure you remove the line breaks for the <add> element. The line breaks were included here for readability, but if you leave them in the actual application, an error is generated.
Resolving Name-Resolution Issues
Domain authentication would fail and Certificate authentication is the only way to implement transport security across an MSMQ-based binding. When a message is sent using Certificate authentication, no Windows SID is associated with the message. As a result, the permissions on the target queue must allow anonymous users to post a message to the queue. This might seem a little odd, especially given that a certificate credential has been provided with the message. However, when WCF receives a message, the incoming message is checked to see whether it was signed with a certificate, and there is no guaranteed connection between the certificate that was used to sign the message and the identity of the user who sent the message to the queue. Again, there might be a connection, but the relationship can t be guaranteed. As a result, WCF won t use the signing certificate to perform authentication of the requester. With no authentication mechanism available, the request must be made anonymously to be posted. The msmqProtectionLevel attribute has the same values as the protectionLevel attribute in some of the earlier bindings. Table 7-3 displays a detailed list of the values and their meanings. The one caveat is that to encrypt a message, WCF must have access to AD DS because the key used to encrypt the message is the public key from the receiving queue, and that information (the key) will be retrieved from AD DS as part of the encryption process. If the message is sent in an environment in which no AD DS is available, there would be no way to encrypt the message so that only the recipient could decrypt it. This also implies that encrypting the message is not possible unless MSMQ has been installed using AD DS integration (that is, not in workgroup mode). The msmqEncryptionAlgorithm attribute determines the algorithm used to encrypt the message. Valid values for the attribute are RC4Stream and AES. Both algorithms are available natively within .NET. The AES algorithm is valid only if the sender has MSMQ 4.0 installed and the target queue is hosted on MSMQ 4.0. The msmqSecureHashAlgorithm attribute specifies how the digest of any signatures will be hashed. As with the msmqEncryptionAlgorithm, there is only a short list of possible choices: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512. You can configure the MsmqIntegrationBinding also through code, as illustrated in the following code sample:
This Windows component provides services for issuing and managing certificates that are used in software security systems employing public key technologies. Among other functions, certificates are used to verify the contents of e-mail, validate the sender and
You can define how IE7+ handles cookies by configuring privacy settings for the Internet security zone. Six settings are available:
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