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Practice 3: Learn the PowerShell Scripting Language
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' VB Dim m As MailMessage = New MailMessage m.From = New MailAddress("", "Lance Tucker") m.To.Add(New MailAddress("", "Burke Fewel")) m.Subject = "Testing HTML" ' Specify an HTML message body m.Body = "<html><body><h1>My Message</h1><br>This is an HTML message.</body></html>" m.IsBodyHtml = True ' Send the message Dim client As SmtpClient = New SmtpClient("") client.Send(m) // C# MailMessage m = new MailMessage(); m.From = new MailAddress("", "Lance Tucker"); m.To.Add(new MailAddress("", "Burke Fewel")); m.Subject = "Testing HTML"; // Specify an HTML message body m.Body = "<html><body><h1>My Message</h1><br>This is an HTML message.</body></html>"; m.IsBodyHtml = true; // Send the message SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(""); client.Send(m);
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(Windows AIK) and deployed an offline image of the Canberra computer on a bootable virtual hard disk (VHD).
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3. Click Add to add a signature to the list as shown in Figure 7-22. In the Signature dialog box, in the Name text box, type a name for the signature search.
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2. What are some of the Windows XP Professional components that use the Registry
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Exercise 2: Configuring the HTTP Web Filter to Block an Application
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Bridgehead Servers
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cannot be used if you need to dual-boot an earlier operating system that requires access to the disks. Keep in mind that we are talking about local access only. When a client of any platform accesses files over the network, the underlying stor age and volume type are transparent to the client.
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After you share a folder, the next step is to specify which users have access to the shared folder by assigning shared folder permissions to selected user accounts and
How to Reset Policy Levels
figure 2-15 Error rows display in the data viewer window as a package is executing.
Introduction to Active Directory and Network Infrastructure
This option tells SQL Server to verify that all rows in the table comply with the constraint prior to turning it back on. If any rows do not comply with the constraint, an error message is returned and the ALTER TABLE statement is rolled back. If you execute the query again, you will find that you are back to the first execution plan (the one shown in Figure 5-2) and, if you execute the query against sys.foriegn_keys again, you will find that the is_not_trusted column now returns the value 0. It is once again trusted. One last note on this implementation: you can change the script for the Test.Customers and Test.Orders tables, as shown in the following example, so that the CustomerID column in the Test.Orders table allows for null values that is, it is not declared with the NOT NULL constraint.
Description The message contents are secured using SOAP message standards. This mode requires that a certificate be provided to the client system from the server running the service. The transport layer determines the credentials to be included with the request. The message includes a set of credentials along with the message. The content is not secured, and it is up to the service to authenticate the requestor.
Implements IShippingSystem
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To create a custom assembly, you must have a full version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, with Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, or other .NET language templates installed. You use the Class Library template. In the practice for this lesson, you can use the prepared dynamic-link library (DLL) available in the ..\Source\Ch 09\TK 448 Ch11 CustomAssembly\ folder within your Documents folder. However, if you have Visual Studio 2008 installed, you can use the following steps to manually create the custom assembly that you will use in the practice:
Lesson 4: Securing and Processing Data Mining Models
4. Notice the namespace used ( and the element name (MyHeader). You will use this information shortly. 5. In Solution Explorer, double-click the HeaderService file in the DemoService project. The current implementation for GetHeaders simply returns the Action header. You can access the headers that are available (including both the standard headers and any custom values) through the RequestMessage.Headers property. Although this looks like it might be a collection of headers, it s not. To retrieve a header, the FindHeader method must be used. The following code replaces the current implementation of the GetHeaders method.
To restore your computer to the default settings after you finish this lab, right-click Security Configuration And Analysis, and then click Configure Computer Now. Save the error log in the default location. This action restores the default Windows user rights settings from the Security Setup template you have loaded.
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