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In the real world, do not nest accounts in the Backup Operators group without considering the security implications. Members of the Backup Operators group can connect to hidden administrative drive shares C$, for example and have the ability to transfer ownership of files. It is recommended that you grant the user rights to back up files and folders and to restore files and folders to security groups you have created in Active Directory directory service, rather than to this built-in group.
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10. Double-click the Copy Orders button and add a line to the CopyOrdersButton_Click event handler to call the BulkCopyOrders method. 11. Run the application. 12. Click the Copy Customers button. 13. Click the Copy Orders button. 14. Close the form and navigate to Server Explorer. 15. Right-click the CustomerHistory and OrderHistory tables and select Show Table Data. Verify that the data from the Customers and Orders tables were successfully copied into the CustomerHistory and OrderHistory tables.
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Installing ISA Server 2004
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Case Scenario 1: Diagnosing Database Configuration Errors
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Peripheral routers by definition have only one neighboring router. Found at the periph ery of networks, they connect the outer subnets of an organization to its network backbone. To simplify configuration, you should normally configure a peripheral router with a default route that points to its neighboring router. In Figure 9-16 shown earlier, Router C-B is a peripheral router. Its default route should therefore point to the neighboring router, Router B-A.
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Lesson 2: Debugging and Tracing
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INSERT INTO [TK 448 Ch09 DMX Prediction] ( CustomerKey, Gender, [Number Cars Owned], [Bike Buyer] ) OPENQUERY([Adventure Works DW2008], 'SELECT CustomerKey, Gender, [NumberCarsOwned], [BikeBuyer] FROM [dbo].[vTargetMail]');
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Lesson Review
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Connectors and Connectivity
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Number of Characters Maximum of 8,000 characters Up to 1,073,741,824 characters Maximum of 4,000 characters Up to 536,870,912 characters Up to 1,073,741,824 characters Up to 536,870,912 characters
Exam Tip Although System Monitor is the formal name for this tool, virtually everyone in the industry calls it Performance Monitor, or PerfMon for short, because it is used to capture performance counters and you launch it from the Administrative Tools section called Performance. Just remember that on the exam, this tool is always referred to by its formal name of System Monitor. But out in the field, most people call it PerfMon.
Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-27
Exploring RADIUS Server Scenarios
Why is the answer section considered nonauthoritative
Contains security policies for the server extensions.
How to Take Ownership of Files and Folders
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