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19. Click Yes to save the console settings. 20. Click Start, and then click Log Off. Windows XP Professional displays a Log Off Windows dialog box telling you to click Switch User if you want to leave programs running and switch to another user. Your other options are to click Log Off or Cancel. 21. In the Log Off Windows dialog box, click Log Off. 22. On the Welcome screen, click User Three. 23. What happens
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2. ISA Server accepts the client s request and decrypts it, terminating the SSL connection. ISA Server inspects the client request to ensure that the request is not blocked by a firewall access rule. If the request is not blocked, ISA Server continues processing the request. If ISA Server is configured to enable caching, and the object is in the cache, ISA Server returns the object to the client. 3. If the object is not in the cache, ISA Server forwards the request to the internal Web server specified in the Web publishing rule. The Web publishing rule also defines how ISA Server communicates the request to the published Web server (FTP, HTTP, or SSL). If the secure Web publishing rule is configured to forward the request using HTTPS, ISA Server initiates a new SSL connection with the Web server, sending a request to Port 443. Because the ISA Server computer is now an SSL client, the Web server responds with a server-side certificate. 4. After the SSL connection has been created, the Web server responds by sending the requested object back to ISA Server. 5. ISA Server receives the object and decrypts it. At this point, ISA Server inspects the information based on the firewall access rules and the HTTP policy. If the reply is acceptable, ISA Server then encrypts the object again and passes it to the requesting client. One of the important benefits of using SSL bridging is that it allows stateful inspection of SSL connections and application-layer filtering of the contents of HTTPS packets. Because ISA Server decrypts each packet, it can inspect the application-layer data before re-encrypting the packet. This prevents attackers from hiding malicious code inside SSL packets. The most significant disadvantage with using SSL bridging is that encrypting and decrypting network traffic is CPU-intensive, so the ISA Server computer performance may be affected.
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match to the search terms. The results of this sample query provide additional insight into why the FREETEXT and CONTAINS queries return different results. Keys 1187 and 1188 provide close but not exact matches by returning rows that have words with a substring of the search term.
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' VB Dim DemoOptions As New ConnectionOptions DemoOptions.Username = "\\Bill" DemoOptions.Password = "mp99!!swa0" Dim DemoScope As ManagementScope = New ManagementScope("\\machinename", DemoOptions) Dim DemoQuery As New ObjectQuery("SELECT Size, Name FROM Win32_LogicalDisk where DriveType=3") Dim DemoSearcher As New ManagementObjectSearcher(DemoScope, DemoQuery) Dim AllObjects As ManagementObjectCollection = DemoSearcher.Get For Each DemoObject As ManagementObject In AllObjects Console.WriteLine("Resource Name: " & DemoObject("Name").ToString()) Console.WriteLine("Resource Size: " & DemoObject("Size").ToString()) Next
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Case Scenario Exercises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-32
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Definition The primary database is the original database that s distributed to other servers. The primary database receives the updates from the application. The secondary database is the distributed copy of the primary database. The secondary database is frequently synchronized through transaction log restores. The primary server is the SQL Server database engine instance that owns the primary database. The secondary server is the SQL Server database engine instance that owns a secondary database. You can configure multiple secondary servers. The monitor server is the SQL Server database engine instance that keeps track of the log shipping process and raises alerts when the process fails.
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C. Correct: All domain controllers must be running Windows Server 2008 before you can replicate SYSVOL by using DFS-R within that domain. D. Correct: The domain must be at Windows Server 2008 domain functional level before you can replicate SYSVOL by using DFS-R within that domain. E. Incorrect: The replication of SYSVOL by using DFS-R within a domain is dependent upon the domain functional level of that domain, not on the domain functional level of other domains. 2. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: The Dfsrmig.exe command is used to migrate the replication of SYSVOL from FRS to DFS-R. B. Incorrect: The Repadmin.exe command is used to manage Active Directory replication, not SYSVOL replication. C. Incorrect: The Dfsutil.exe command is used to perform administrative tasks on a DFS namespace, not to configure SYSVOL replication. D. Incorrect: The Dfscmd.exe command is used to perform administrative tasks on a DFS namespace, not to configure SYSVOL replication.
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