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This type of Tablet PC looks like a notebook monitor with a thick back. Slates do not have dedicated keyboards. Although slates support landscape display orientation, the default orientation that most computers use, with the width of the screen being longer than the screen s height, slates are most often used in portrait mode. Portrait mode is when the screen s height is longer than its width. Convertible A convertible Tablet PC looks like a normal laptop computer. The screen can be rotated and folded down across the keyboard so that it resembles a slate. Driver software switches the display from landscape when in laptop mode to portrait when in slate mode.
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VPN server
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' VB Dim host As ServiceHost // C# ServiceHost host;
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Suggested Practices
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applied to groups only to individual users and to the volume as a whole.
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Description Gets or sets an indicator that shows whether every call to the Write method should flush changes to the underlying stream. Gets the underlying stream that the reader is reading. Gets the current encoding used for the underlying stream. Gets or sets a string that contains the line terminator string. Normally used only if you need to change the string that terminates an individual line.
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Lesson Summary
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The Windows Ribbon framework is the Windows implementation of the Office Fluent User Interface. Although the Ribbon in Office 2007 is similar in concept to the one in Windows 7, it s a little bit different in appearance. Office 2010 has the same look and feel of the Windows 7 Ribbon. Keep in mind that there are many other Ribbon technologies for Native (C/C++) and Managed (.NET) code that are available, ranging from the free ones in the Windows
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Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2006), which includes the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Performance Guide. Objective 4.8 itor. Review 12, which includes a lesson about using System Mon-
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WITH a AS ( SELECT c.CustomerID ,c.AccountNumber ,c.TerritoryID ,soh.SalesOrderID ,soh.OrderDate ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY c.CustomerID ORDER BY soh.OrderDate DESC) AS RowNo FROM Test.Customer AS c LEFT OUTER JOIN Test.SalesOrderHeader AS soh ON soh.CustomerID = c.CustomerID WHERE c.TerritoryID = 1 ) SELECT a.CustomerID ,a.AccountNumber ,a.SalesOrderID ,a.OrderDate FROM a WHERE a.RowNo = 1;
Real World
In the following case scenarios, you will apply what you ve learned in this chapter. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
Serviced Component Management
D. Turn on the CC field from within any new message window.
Note Try providing a clip rectangle with 119 pixels of height and 200 pixels of width. Because these are the default thumbnail dimensions on some Windows 7 installations, the resulting thumbnail will be an exact rendering of that part of the window, with no resizing required at all!
User Accounts
To validate user input with the ErrorProvider component
Lesson 1: Database Design
Many websites require that cookies be enabled on a user s computer if the user wants to visit and browse the site. A user cannot view websites that have this requirement if the user s privacy settings are configured to block all cookies, if the privacy settings are set to High, or if the company has a strict cookie policy that blocks first-party cookies or does not allow session cookies. When Internet Explorer blocks content, it notifies the user through the Information Bar. Allowing a user access to sites requires that the default privacy settings be changed. Changing privacy settings is detailed in Lesson 1, Configuring Internet Explorer, ear lier in this chapter.
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